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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I'm just counting the minutes from now until Friday and the "1st annual northlondonhippy virtual online shroom session", but I bet you are too.

This Friday, the 14th of January, we're all going to make a little history. Nothing like this has ever been attempted before, I've received several major endorsements from the media and big business, supporting my efforts. I can smell success already!

And I can smell it, because it's a scent this hippy doesn't encounter very often, so it is quite distinctive to me. Are you going to be down with this hippy on Friday? I bet you are!

Joining the fun couldn't be easier! All you need is access to the net, a java equipped browser (I'm using Firefox!) and a big fuck-off dose of fresh magic mushrooms.

Live in the UK? Scoring fresh shrooms is easy, since they remain legal to purchase. Don't have a headshop nearby? Fear not, you can place an order with most websites up till Thursday afternoon, for overnight delivery on Friday. Check out or which are both very good. You have no excuse if you're here in the land of the queen.

Not in the UK? Don't worry, I'm sure you can score some from someone. Just ask around. Chances are they will be dry, especially if you are in the US of A. Fresh or dry, you can play the home version too!

On Friday morning, once I've been a responsible hippy and done all my daily duties, I'm going to take around 45 grams of Colombian shrooms, then create a chatroom on Yahoo. Once that's done, I'll post the link to that room right here in the blog. All you'll need to do is take your shrooms, click on the link and way-hey, you're shrooming with the hippy!

Can you dig it? I knew that you could!

I'm looking forward to chatting with all of my many loyal legions of hippyfans, each and everyone of you! Think of the twisted, existential bullshit fun we'll all be having! Be ready to give me lots and lots of yippppeeees!

Matter of fact, lay some yippppeeee love on me now, go on, you know you wanna!

And I said I was counting the minutes and I wasn't joking! It's just gone noon here in fabulous north London, the room will be open from noon on Friday, so that's 48 hours from now, which is 2,880 minutes. I'm sure the time will fly by!

Can you feel the anticipation building as the internet gears up for this first-time event? It's almost palpable.

I'm committed to remaining in my Yahoo chatroom all day on Friday, from noon until 8pm north London time.

Here's a guide to what times the room will be open in local time for major cities around the globe:

London/GMT: 1200-2000
Amsterdam/Paris/Berlin: 1300-2100
New York/Boston/Washington DC (US): 0700-1500
Los Angeles/San Francisco (US): 0400-1200
Beijing: 2000-0400
Tokyo: 2100-0500
Sydney: 2300-0600

There I go again, making life simple, for you and me!

Now, I don't expect everyone to log for the entire 8 hours. I mean, you can if you want to, but you'd have to be pretty sad to spend 8 hours in my chatroom. Oh wait, I'll be spending 8 hours in there and I'm not sad, am I?

What I do expect is a decent turnout from my legions of hippyfans. I'm sure none of you will disappoint me, after all it's my birthday this month. I said you didn't have to send me cards or gifts, all you need to do is come chill out with me online on Friday. It's virtual shrooming for god's sake, it will be just like I'm in the room with you! It's all your northlondonhippy dreams coming true at once! Don't deny yourself this distinctive, decadent pleasure!

Go on, you know it makes sense! Shroom with me on Friday, commune with my mushroom god, be a part of the biggest online shroom party ever!
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