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Saturday, January 22, 2005

I'm not asleep yet, but nearly. I'm really going to keep this brief.

To the two hippyfans who already emailed me about the shroom contest, a few thoughts:

1) The contest is not open yet. I'll be advising when the contest begins later this week. Please check back for updates

2) One of you lives in Australia. I'm sorry, it's only open to UK residents with a reasonable chance of actually traveling to my north London lair.

3) No, you can't just watch me shroom. If you plan on entering the contest, then you should have an interest or at least curiosity in doing them.

4) You do need to be over 18, sorry other hippyfan, but no minors.

5) Sorry, but due to these technicalities, neither one of you is eligible to enter the contest.

I'm pleased with the quick response guys, but I'm going to do this as fairly as possible. And hey, at least I didn’t name and shame you here in blog. As if I would do something like that!

And this time, the contest will be in the form of a question.

Ok, you can have the question now, so you can start working on your entries. Here it is:

"Why should that crazeeeee hippy pick me for an afternoon of shrooming?"

By "me", of course I mean "you" and by "hippy" of course I mean me. Confused? "Me" too.

Be creative, be clever, and try to make your entry stand out against the others. Let me know how much your drab and dreary existence will be brightened by a shroom session with a certified expert and well-known proponent of them.

Ok, ok, I'm not well known at all. I'm underground, with my cult following of dedicated hippyfans. How lucky are you for discovering me before I break big.

And just think, whoever wins this contest will probably be able to make a 5-figure payday from one of the tabloids when they sell their story.

I can see the headline now:

- See pages 2,3,5,6,9,14,37,38 & 56 for more details."

It could turn my life into a living hell! But I'll risk it, because everything I do, I do for you hippyfans.

If I can improve the quality of just one of your lives for one afternoon, simply by sharing out the shroom magic, shouldn't I be doing it? Isn't it a moral imperative? I think the answer is obvious, don't you?

Hell, yes, fuckers!

But don't send those entries in just yet, kids. Special instructions on how to enter will follow when I announce the shrooming date and declare my my email box open. Until then, just be patient.

Can you feel it?

Can you sense deep in your bones the intoxicatingly electric buzz spreading out across the internet as news of this rare opportunity spreads like a virus across the WWW thing?

Maybe it's just me.

Start working on those entries, they can be as long as you like. I promise to read each and every one of them personally. But don't send them in just yet...just check back often for the big announcement!
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