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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

It just took me three goes to log into this fucking thing, so you better take the time to fucking read it.

I'm seriously shroomed to the gills. think of it as a little taster for Friday's fun! Remember kids, its this Friday, we're having the big virtual online shroom fuckoff thing whatever.

Can I just saw, these Colombians, which I am enjoying right now, are very visual indeed. I am seeing the oh so pretty colours in fucking 3 dimensions today. Thank u mushroom god for brightening up my otherwise bleak and dreary existence. Today, more than ever, I am truly grateful to u for all that u share with me.

Christ I'm fucked and god its hard to type now.

It's Tuesday. 1300 in the afternoon. I'm a responsible adult, every that needs doing is done. If I wanna spend some time communing with my mushroom god, who out there is going to stop me?

Christ I love shrooms!

I should be making more of this opportunity, when I'm actually shroomed and logged into the blog, but fuck it, the shrooms are too good and this damn keyboard is just too hard to work. I'm going to light a big fat spliff, relax and be very wasted.

Oh god, you just have no idea how high I am right now. If I could show you with an interpretive dance, I would do for you, if I could dance or even make sense of what it is I am typing for.........

Oh my god, this is good

See ya fuckers

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