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Friday, January 21, 2005

It's nearly midnight, the hour of the hippy is here!

Well, I won't be spending an hour writing this, perhaps 10 or 15 minutes, if I'm not disturbed.

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you'll already know that "disturbed" is my normal mental state anyway.

Big up to Nia, who was nice enough to send me a hippyfan email. Of course, she received a personal response from this hippy, as I try to do for all my fans who contact me. I'm just sorry I couldn't send her a signed hippyphoto, but she didn't include her postal address.

Oh wait, I don't have any signed photos to send. I could get some taken, in my hippy-disguise. Maybe once I've booked some personal appearances.

Remember, 2005 is the year of the hippy! Go on, give us a yipppppeeeeeeeee!

I've been back in contact with my younger (not estranged anymore) brother, which is a very good thing. We've exchanged a couple of emails in the last day or so. It's progress and will please my mother very much. I've missed speaking to him.

Life is OK for me tonight, it's my fourth shift in a row and I've still got 2 more to go before I can collapse. Roll on Sunday morning. I got a bit more sleep today, though didn't get to bed as early as I had hoped. I even overslept by 20 minutes, how fucking sad is that? I'm feeling quite tired tonight and I keep yawning. A large vanilla cappuccino is in my future, that should help stimulate my synapses and keep me going.

Have you found my second, secret blog yet? Have you been looking? If you knew the right keyword, Google could be very helpful, but I'm still not going to tell you. Not yet. Soon though, once the time is right.

I've decided I want a job working for Google in London. Have you ever read about employment opportunities there? It sounds like it would be a fun place to work, but I guess they don't produce much tv, yet. They have lots of money, so it wouldn't surprise me if they expanded into other areas of the media.

Speaking of Google, I've come up with a slogan for them, that they can use for free with this hippy's compliments. Think of it as a gift, think of it as a free audition. Here's the slogan:

"Google knows everything, so I don't need to".

What do you think? As well as being snappy and short, it's also true.

I don't know about you, but Google is my friend for everything internet related. It's this hippy's search engine of choice and should be yours too. I bet people from Google troll the net for references to the popular search engine everyday. They want to know what us internet weirdos are saying about them.

Hello Google person, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the northlondonhippy. Please give me a job, with a very high salary and many benefits and perks!

Though a job with Google would be my 2nd choice, I'm still hoping for that highly paid, no-show job, though none of my hippyfans have heeded the call so far. Come on, fuckers, one of you must be able to give me a wicked no-show job that pays loads and requires zero amount of my time.

If I had a well-paid, no-show job, I'd be able to dedicate more time to this blog and "living that hippy life so you don't have to!" You know it makes sense! Please!!

PS, I tried to email this entry, but it hasn't popped up, so if you're reading it twice, blame Blogger, not the hippy!
Hippy, it might distress you to know that your new page format doesn't render very well on the Macintosh. I use Safari in OS X, and your blogs appear in very narrow columns to the right, making it very hard to read.

What was wrong with the earlier format anyway?
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