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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I've been thinking about my recent confession, that I'm an internet weirdo.

I've decided that I'm not just an internet weirdo, but an unashamed internet weirdo. Do you see the difference? I've decided to wear my badge of internet weirdness with pride.

And why not, dammit?

If you're going to choose to be weird, what better place to express that weirdness, then here in relative anonymity online. I'm so normal in real life, it would only make sense that I would find a balance, an equilibrium by being an unashamed internet weirdo.

Can one make a career out of being an unashamed internet weirdo? That remains to be seen, but I’m willing to give it a bash. I’m like that, sometimes.

The main reason I'm here is so I don't forget this unashamed weird business. If I didn't blog it right now, I'd forget the subject, which is what I frequently do.

This is part of my new push to make a better effort to not lose ideas to my failing short-term memory. Log in, blog on, spill it, publish, log out, and then log off to sleep.

It's my new formula for success. 2005 is the year of the hippy!

Don't forget: This hippy is an "unashamed internet weirdo". How's that for a new hippy catch phrase?
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