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Monday, January 10, 2005

The northlondonhippy cordially invites you to join him in celebrating his birthday this month!

As you may know, I'm not disclosing the actual date of my birthday, but I have mentioned that it happens this month. As a member of my loyal legion of hippyfans, I'm sure you would like the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with me. I bet you thought that would be impossible, until right now....

That's right kids, you can be a part of the hippy birthday celebration extravaganza! How lucky are you?

No, I'm not having a party, I'm not even reminding or telling anyone I know in real life its my birthday. I don't expect any cards or gifts this year, except from Mrs. H of course. She's buying me hard drugs and hookers, I'm just sure of it!

Not really. I don't know what she will get me, I'll have to wait and see. I've already told her my birthday gift will be the new computer, so if she's smart, and she is, she'll just let that be my present.

So how can you be a part of the hippy birthday celebs? Simple, here's how:

I've just lit a nice juicy spliff, which I'll be smoking as I write this entry. If you have a spliff handy, torch it up fucker! Then if you smoke it while you read this, it's like we're getting high together!

Don't have a spliff handy? Shame on you! But all is not lost, all you have to do is get one and come back to this page, smoke it while you're reading and you can get stoned with me too!

You see, it’s like a virtual reality hippy simulation and I'm right there in the room with you, only with a lot less of me touching you up. That effect will be available in version 2, I'm just waiting for the new code. Bet you can't wait for that! Mmmmmmmmmmm.

So take a deep drag, hold that smoke as long as you can and let your high be in honour of my birthday and me. Cool, eh? You can tell all your mates you got high with the hippy, oh how they'll envy you!

I'm still puffing on this spliff, I sure hope your dope is as good as mine. I'm smoking some excellent shit, proper skunky weed, my favourite. I'm just sorry I can't share it with you, but since you have your own, it's not a total loss.

I love being high, for me, it's like just feeling normal, but that's 'cause I'm nearly always high. I'm so high I could reach up and touch the sky, I could eat a whole apple pie, I bet you could too, so go on give it a try.

Now try that last sentence, like this:

I'm so high
I could reach up
and touch the sky
I could eat a whole apple pie
I bet you could too
so go on give it a try

Hippy, you're just fucked!

Here's me, not denying it. Of course I'm fucked, we're all fucked! Dysfunctional is the new normal!

You know, there's another way you could virtually party with this hippy...I could try to organise the very first ever "northlondonhippy virtual online shroom session".

And how does that work hippy? Simple, remember, my goal in life is to make life simple, yours and mine.

This Friday, the 14th of January, I'll be shrooming here in my lair in fabulous north London.

If you can get a hold of some decent, fresh magic mushrooms, you can shroom with me on Friday too. It doesn't matter where in the world you are (though obviously if you are in the UK or Holland, where fresh shrooms are currently legal, it will be easier for you to get some), you can join me online for a serious shrooming session.

To enhance the experience even more and make it something we can truly share, I propose the following: If anyone genuinely wishes to join me on Friday, all they need to do is leave me a comment on this entry, expressing your desire to join the hippy party on Friday. Don't know how to leave a comment? Scroll to the bottom of this entry, click on "comments", it will refresh the page, show you any previously posted comments then give you the option to add one of your own.

If any of you respond to this, I'll set up a public chatroom online on Friday and post the link to it, here in the blog so you can join the fun. Say, tentatively the room will be open from 1200-2000GMT on Friday and remember you’ll find instructions to join and the link, right here, at the top of the hippyblog.

Oh, and if you don't understand GMT, shame on you, but here, I'll put it into some popular local times:

Amsterdam/Paris/Berlin: 1300-2100
New York/Boston/Washington DC (US): 0700-1500
Los Angeles/San Francisco (US): 0400-1200
Beijing: 2000-0400
Tokyo: 2100-0500
Sydney: 2300-0600

Hopefully you can work out when this might be happening in your city or town from the above list, but if not, try THIS LINK, which I find really useful.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed getting stoned with me and witnessing my creation of the "1st annual northlondonhippy virtual online shroom session". Let's see if any of you really wish to join me for this potentially amazing online event. We could be making history together this Friday, what do you think of them apples?

So put it in your diary, this Friday, you can virtually shroom with this hippy! See those oh so pretty colours for yourself, talk utter existential rubbish online with this hippy! If even one of you leaves me a comment in the affirmative, I'll set up that chatroom and be there myself for the entire 8 hours, shroomed to the gills, waiting to talk to you! Oh goody, now I'm counting the minutes. Just be ready to come across with lots and lots of yipppppeeeees for me!
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