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Monday, January 24, 2005


Can you stand it?

Are you ready?


The contest is now open. This hippy is now open for business.

Let the motherfucking fun begin!

Have you got your email all ready to go? Are you ready to shroom with me?

I’m shrooming already. Yippeeeeeeeeee for the hippy!

I took 20 grams of fresh Hawaiians a few hours ago and I’m still quite spaced. They’re strong, but not as visual as others I’ve enjoyed recently. Mainly I did a lot less to get just as fucked, so you know its got to be a good thing.

I might have mentioned that I’m still a bit spaced.

It’s been an odd day and an odd trip, even for this hippy. I’ve had thoughts of silly things, like family dinners 20 years ago and not taking the time to appreciate simple things like those.

I’ve been thinking of my dad a bit, I’m missing him lots. Blah blah. Everyone has parents, they get old, and they die. Shit happens. You do your best to just get through every day.

It really is bleak and dreary, fuckers. Like does suck. The end. If you’re lucky, consumer goods and hard drugs keep you numb to the real truth. It is all pointless. Your life is meaningless.

Go on, what have you contributed to the world? What greatness do you bring to society? Exactly. Sweet fuck all.

Who’s gonna give a shit about any of us in one-hundred years even?

I don’t know about you, but I think drugs are the answer.

What was the question again?

Does it matter? Is there any situation that can’t be improved by the addition of a spliff? As if I need an excuse to eat a phat load of mushrooms.

I read books, watch films, television shows, I spend my hard earned cash everywhere they tell me too. I’ve got a shiny this and all-digital that, but where is my motherfucking happiness?

Tell me which thing it is I’m supposed to buy next which will bring me my perfect life. Is it an iPOD? How about a new car?

Oh fuck it, I’m spaced, rambling and this going no where fast. Just enter the my contest, while I go sober up a bit.
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