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Saturday, January 29, 2005


Hey, hey I'm the hippy, I keep on hippying around...

I've been at work about 90 minutes, I'm already organised, on top of things and everything is groovy. I drove in again tonight and it was good, though there was more traffic than I would have expected on a Saturday night.

Fucking hell hippy, people don't come to your blog for traffic reports! They come here for hippyfun!

Well the fun starts here! I am the king of fun! All hail the king!

Maybe not.

There's been a news story floating around here in the UK today regarding a possible link between cannabis use and mental illness. Here's a LINK to one of the many reports I've seen.

You may or may not know, but the UK downgraded cannabis possession to Class "C", which puts it in the same league as prescription drugs like valium and anabolic steroids. This was a good thing, though it did not go far enough for my liking. The police say arrests for weed have already dropped by a third, saving something like 200,000 hours of police time in the first year alone.

That's very cool, since it means the cops can spend more time chasing down real villains and bad guys, like the guy that mugged your granny for her weekly pension dosh.

A few mental health charities are now calling for a re-think to the law as they say smoking a bit of dope can make you crazy.

Wait, that's a bit inaccurate, what they are really saying is that cannabis use can trigger mental health problems in people already so inclined. In other words, they claim that if you are already a little crazy, weed can make you crazier.

Naturally, I disagree with this argument. It's kind of a chicken and egg scenario. Which came first, the weed smoking or the madness?

My theory is that people with tendencies towards mental illness seek to self-medicate and marijuana is one of the substances they turn to. Not everyone who smokes dope is crazy or becomes crazy, but some people do.

Some people who eat chocolate go crazy, is the cocoa the culprit? How about drinkers? Surely they go mad and the mental health facilities around the world are full of alcoholics. I don't see anyone blaming beer!

So how do you test this? How do you study the effects of cannabis on someone's mental health if you don't examine them before they started smoking dope. You need to set a baseline otherwise you can't really judge the effect of the drug on their psyche.

Assuming that someone's mental health problems are a result of cannabis use without knowing what they were like before they started smoking is just plain bad science and bad medicine.

I'm not trying to deny that people are turning up at hospitals with mental health problems, admitting they smoke a bit of blow. Millions of people in this country smoke dope, so it would only make sense.

But what I said a couple of paragraphs ago is the real point! If you're a little crazy, you might find that dope helps keep you even, keeps you mellow and keeps you sane. At least that has been my personal experience. I was crazeeeeeeeeee before I started smoking dope, dope didn't make me crazier, it's kept me sane for nearly 24 years.

Do these doctors and shrinks have nearly 24 years of personal experience with weed? Of course they don't, but this hippy does! I'm the real expert, fuckers! But does anyone ask me? Don't I deserve my own column in your local newspaper? Hell yes, fuckers!

Anyway, that's my "drug rant" for the night. I'll be back later to transcribe my interview with George W. Bush. You might be surprised to find out that he had some interesting things to tell this hippy!

And don't you dare forget my contest! One week from today you could be shroomin' with me! Click the link at the top of this page for details on how to enter!

I promise I'll be back later, with that exclusive interview transcript. Start counting those seconds!
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