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Friday, January 28, 2005


I'm a four-wheeled hippy now! The Yaris is street-legal and on the road. I drove to work in it tonight. Yippppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It's small, easy to drive, but not the fastest car I've ever driven. Mainly, it is perfect for my purposes, transporting me from fabulous north London, all around town. I'm a happy hippy!

The only thing it is lacking is a CD player, which I can easily live without. The stock-stereo is built into the molded plastic dash, so I don't know how easy it would be to change it. It's a low priority for me at this point.

I've received a plug from my friends at, they've added a link to my blog on their news page of their site, pointing out the "shroom with the hippy contest". Here, you can read what they said about me RIGHT HERE.

Besides running a cool website, Magic Plants also have a stall in Camden Market, called the "Wrong Shop". This hippy has purchased fresh shrooms and grow kits from them on many occasions.

I don't get down to Camden as often as I used to and recently I've shopping for shrooms online. When I used to purchase them at the Market, I always went to the Wrong Shop. Their shrooms are always the freshest and their prices can't be beat, with big discounts for bulk buying. Consider this a hippy endorsement!

Tell 'em the hippy sent you and they will actually know who you are talking about! That makes for a change, though they wouldn't remember me personally, at least they know my name. Say "hi" to Jutt and Chris for me!

Speaking of the shroom contest, you only have about 5 more days left to get your entry in. I'll be choosing the winner later next week, expect an announcement on Thursday 3rd Feb. Bet you are all very excited and with good reason! This is a priceless prize that you can't purchase in any shop!

I'm going to keep this brief and go back to work now. I'm tentatively planning on returning later this evening for another blast of my "special brand of drivel". I expect you to sit in front of your PC, hitting refresh and counting the seconds until I do!

I tried to email this posting in again and it is still not working. What's up with that shit, man?
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