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Friday, January 28, 2005


I’m spoiling you guys! Three times in one 24-hour period is unheard of for this hippy!

It’s not even that I have anything particularly interesting to say; in fact the opposite is true. I’m just very bored and I thought I would spread the boredom around as far and as widely as possible.

The problem with my job is that it is either extremely busy or dead-quiet. There is no middle ground. I wish there was a happy medium, but in my industry it just doesn’t exist.

The problem with when it gets busy is that a body count often follows. No, not in my office, but in other locations around the world. The busier I am, the more dead people there seem to be. I’m sure this could be expressed as a mathematical equation, but I’m not that clever.

Does your job ever involve a body-count? Mine does most days, but thankfully I don’t usually know any of the deceased. I’ve had 4 friends & colleagues get killed in the last few years though and each time it was a bummer of epic proportions.

The line of work I’m in involves risks, which as professionals we try to minimise as much as possible. Sometimes we are better at than others.

I’ve been rather fortunate recently; I’ve not lost anyone I know in a while. Considering how dangerous it is in Iraq, especially with the elections only a couple of days away, that’s pretty amazing. I’ve know loads of people there right now and I’m hoping and praying they all come home safely.

Iraq is nothing like any other warzone in terms of safety for journos. It’s amazing that no one I know hasn’t been kidnapped or beheaded.

The war in Iraq was a huge mistake. Anyone who tries to tell you differently is lying, stupid or just plain fucked. Probably they are a combination of all three. The loss of life, the expense, lack of unconventional weapons and lack of flowing oil means that this war hasn’t done anything it had set out to do. It was one big fucking waste of time, money and more importantly, human life.

The body-count is bound to rise in the next few days in the lead-up to the election on Sunday. Innocent people will most likely die horrible, unpleasant deaths at the hands of the insurgents. I find it all very sad.

And look out Iran, Georgie W’s got his eyes on you. Screw diplomacy, there’s some smart bombs with Tehranian addresses programmed into their memories. Start digging that bunker now if you’re in Iran, because your country is about to re-enter the dark ages!

Think I’m joking? Think again!

I don’t really have that much to add on the subject of Iraq. I’ve made my feelings known plainly for as long as I’ve had this blog, even longer if you know me in real life. I never expected to America to attack without UN backing, so I got it wrong from the start. The war was a mistake; America is a fascist state with little or no regard for any other sovereign nation. Beware, your country might be next, unless you start agreeing with the Bush and co – and yes, France, I mean you!

America’s a bully; they impose their will on the world through force, not through constructive, well drafted arguments. Diplomacy ain’t in their vocabulary, but “bombs away” sure is!

I wish I lived in a world where everyone loved each other, respected each other and actually dug each other for their differences. But I don’t and neither do you.

If you find another planet, with more intelligent life on it, please get it touch. I’d split the cost of a rocketship with you. We could take a stellar carpool to paradise. Train your telescopes in the right direction and see what you can find. This hippy is ready to tag along, I’ll even roll a few spliffs for the trip!
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