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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


The hippy has purchased a car!

That’s right, I put a deposit down on a moderately priced used car today. It’s a black, 5 door, Toyota Yaris, a “Y” reg built in 2001 with a 1.0 litre engine and very low mileage. This hippy got a crackin’ deal!

I purchased it from a dealer here in north London and I’m planning on collecting it tomorrow. I’ve just now purchased insurance for it, once I get the documents in the post, I need to get it road-tax’ed, then I’ll be fully legal.

I’m still going to drive it home tomorrow, and park it outside. I reckon I’ll have the road tax by Friday or Saturday, Monday the latest, so I’ll risk it.

I took it for a little spin and it handled quite nicely. It’s got a year’s MOT and has been checked and serviced this month. I think I got a real bargain, usually they cost a lot more. I did well, I think.

So welcome to the hippymobile, mark 2, small, moderately priced and cheap as fuck to run. The insurance and road tax class for it is one of the lowest, so I’m laughing. Hahahahahaha. See?

I don’t know if I’ll have it available to take to work this weekend, it’s certainly not going to happen for tomorrow. Though, you never know, it is possible that the insurance docs could arrive tomorrow. I just ordered the policy, so they have 2 hours to print it and make the last post. Wouldn’t that be something if I had it all together to use tomorrow? Unlikely, but would be cool, eh?

I might have it for Friday or Saturday though. Saturday would be an especially good night to have the car, since the tube journey home on a Sunday morning is usually quite a long and difficult one.

Cross your fingers, fuckers! This hippy wants to be on the road asap!

Blogger has been playing up today, it's taken me forever to log into it just now. I had some problems earlier too, when I was working on my second blog.

That second, secret blog continues to go well. It’s amazing, but any new visitor that goes to it, reads every single entry, I’ve got around 14 on there now and they are all pretty long. They also come back frequently to read my updates. It’s amazing how appealing people find someone else’s sex secrets. I shouldn’t be surprised, that is why I chose this subject to fictionalise.

I reckon I’ll try to promote it in a few weeks, I want to get a bigger audience before I start with the amazing revelations, which are sure to garner even more interest. Soon, hippy, soon, it’s all on track for big fun!

You’ve still got about a week to enter the “Shroom with the hippy contest”, the deadline is next Wednesday. You better hurry if you want me to pick you. So get your shroomin’ shoes on and be ready to party!

Shroomin’ shoes? No one I know makes them, but if they did, I’d sure buy a pair. I’m going to be ordering some shrooms next week, I think I’ll go for Colombians again, they were very visual and colourful. If you’re that lucky hippyfan who gets to join me for some shroomtastic fun, these are the very shrooms you will be enjoying too!

I’m not kidding fuckers, one lucky hippyfan will be shrooming with me in my fabulous north London lair one week from this Saturday. Don’t you want it to be you? Ok, then follow the link at the top of this entry for more details!

It’s not like you have something better to do next Saturday anyway. Besides, what could be better than shrooming with me? Not a damn thing!
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