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Thursday, January 20, 2005

What do you do with a bored hippy...?

I'm bored and I've already run out of fun things to do here at work, so I decided to come back and share the tedium.
Last night was a different story, I was much busier and hence time moved more quickly. Tonight I think the clock is turning back, not forward. At least it feels that way to this hippy.
I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked on Wednesday and it's my own fault. Besides spending too much time on my ultra-secret 2nd blog, I also had trouble getting to sleep. I lay in bed for a couple of hours with random thoughts racing through my brain. The drugs didn't help, extra spliffs didn't quiet my mind. Naturally, I'm a bit more tired tonight than I should be. It happens.
I keep getting distracted, all of my colleagues are bored too, so they are coming to me for entertainment. You see, it's not just online I provide a respite from people's bleak and dreary existences, I'm capable of doing it in real life as well. I rock!
So what do you all think about me trying to get "the northlondonhippy fun hour" commissioned? It's an idea I have for an entertainment and talk-show, perhaps for radio, but ideally on on tv. Naturally, I would be the host and star.
Why shouldn't I have my own show? Other people, far less entertaining than this hippy get their own programmes, why not me? I could beg for yipppeees, play music (tunes or videos), take phone calls, interview celebrity guests, take shrooms, smoke spliffs and generally have a lot of fun. I'd want a late night slot, so I could say "fuck" frequently.
I think I'm trying to run before I can crawl, first I need to break the mainstream media world with this blog, then they'll all be knocking on my door trying to get me for my own show. I could write my own ticket. Can you dig it? Cool, so come across with that yippppppeeeee then!
I suppose, if I really did want to expand my northlondonhippy media empire, personal appearances could be a good place to start. Find some open-mic nights at some comedy clubs, show up "in-character", smoke a big phat spliff and tell hippyjokes.
I'd need a hippy costume, you know, a wig, a headband, some peace sign medallions, sandals, etc. I'm already letting my hair grow out, it's not that long yet, but it's getting there, maybe I won't need the wig.
I could really do all of this you know. I won't, because I never seem to do anything, but I could. Anything can happen because I live in a world of infinite possibilities. 2005 is the year of the hippy, it's going to be one wild ride!
At least you've gotten in on the ground floor! You can tell all your mates, "hey, I've been a hippyfan forever!" Long live the hippy!

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