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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Who's a naughty hippy then?

I'd have to thrust my hand in the air in response to that little query. I just took another phat load of Colombian shroomies, about 25 mins ago. Yippppeeee for surprise shrooming sessions! Yippppeeee for the hippy!

In less than 90 minutes, I'll be communing with my mushroom god! Top that, fuckers!

Yes, I realise its Wednesday morning, 11am, but can you possibly think of a better time to get off your face. I've got nothing better I should be doing.

Well, that's not strictly true either, but hey, it's close enough to float my fungus boat.

I set up my brand new Matsui DVDR100, DVD recorder yesterday. I swapped it for my old clunky VHS machine, so the connection was a breeze. The set-up and A/V routing took me a bit, as I take the stereo audio output from the SKY box, route it through the DVD recorder, then out to my stereo and that took a bit of button pressing to achieve. But it's working and it rocks! It was an xmas gift from Mrs. Hippy, she did really well on this purchase!

I did a test recording, at the lowest quality and the longest record length, the playback was slightly better than VHS, so acceptable for everyday stuff. The higher quality settings would look much better, but print less on the disk.

I have to make one of my hippy confessions, this is my first proper DVD device of any kind, so I am really new to it. My (five year old this month) PC has a DVD drive in it, but it has never played a DVD ever, it can only read data DVDs. Sad I know, but I tried every possible available software and none would make it work. I even researched it to discover I was not the only one with this problem, everyone was in the same boat.

I've had to learn about DVD formats, again I knew nothing about it. My new toy records in DVD+R and DVD+RW, but will also play DVD, DVD-R etc. So that's cool.

Sorry for all the geek-speak, but I'm a really happy hippy with it.

Mrs. H and I watched "Supersize This" yesterday, as a friend of ours had given us a DVD copy of it a while back. We were too ashamed to admit we didn't have a player, so it was high time we screened it. Amusing, but it didn't dissuade me from my lifelong love of McDonalds. Yummmmmza!

I'm back to work tomorrow night, which is an even bigger reason to be shrooming today. I don't have much so far this month, so I might be taking it easier than I had planned. So it goes.

Anyway, I can feel my mushroom gland starting to twitch, and the come-up has begun. The usual threat of my shroomed-up return to the blog looms as large as always, yet somehow I never manage to live the dream. Maybe today will be different, or maybe MTV is already calling me.
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