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Thursday, January 06, 2005


I've been awake since 9:30am, did a few things this morning, tried to go back to sleep and failed. My alarm goes off in one hour, so I am really out time now. Oooops.

I'm working tonight, which is why this is of concern to me. I won't be back home until 8:30am at the earliest tomorrow morning. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnn.

It’s going to be busy, so I should have plenty to keep me awake.

I'm not really very focused on much, all I've really done today is watch the first two episodes of "Desperate Housewives" which were amusing enough.

Oh and the shrooming yesterday, well it was just fine and dandy. Thanks for asking.

I might just try to have a little lay-down on the sofa, before I need to leave. Don't worry, I'll set the alarm in mobile phone in-case I doze-off. It could happen.

I don't know why I even logged into Blogger, I seem to have less than nothing to say.
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