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Friday, January 28, 2005


I'm at work, it's already dullsville. As long as I can remain awake, that's not a bad thing at all.

I've been up since 8am on Thursday, I tried to go back to sleep for a nap, but it wasn't happening. I guess I was too excited about my newly purchased car.

The car is sitting outside my north London lair, I couldn't score the tax disc. An email from my insurer wasn't good enough, they need to see the original insurance certificate. If I'm lucky, the postman will shove that document through my letterbox early tomorrow morning.

I'm planning on staying awake until the post is delivered. If the paperwork arrives, I'm going to run up to the post office and sort it all out. With luck, I should be on the road tomorrow night. Here's hoping I am anyway! I really want to be using the car.

I've got pictures of it, but since I don't know how to post them to the blog, you don't get to see them. Just look up a five door Yaris online, pretend its shiny and black and you'll know exactly what my groovy new car looks like.

Don't be confused, the car is not really new, it's 4 years old. I guess it is new to me though. It's really tiny, but I like it. Actually, it's about as practical and unsexy as a car could be, so it suits me just fine.

Please mister postman, bring me my insurance certificate so I can drive my new car tomorrow night! I said please, fuckers!

It's all out of my hands, like so much of life's niggling little hiccups.

It's my mother's 75th birthday today. Wow. Seventy-five years is a good long time, though for nearly the last 3 years, she hasn't had much of a life. I phoned her, naturally, to wish her a "happy birthday". She was practically incomprehensible and I didn't get much of what she was saying. Hardly any of it, really. She said she was tired and her speech always suffers when she is not rested.

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, wishing her a "happy birthday". There's very little in her life which is happy, I can't think that her birthday would make that list. Whenever she mentions that father died, it is always followed by "...and he left me all alone." I don't think there's any happiness left in the world for my mother.

I suppose, if I visited, or my brother did, my mother would be briefly happy, but then we would leave and she would be down again. My younger brother thinks that the only reason she is still alive is that she is hanging on to see one or both of us again, one last time. Maybe he's right, I just don't know.

I know I'd love to see her, but I worry that it would screw me up. Seeing her alone, in that state, knowing I can't do anything to help her and then getting back on a plane to my real life is more than I can bear. I know I should go, I may very well go, but I can't help feeling that no good would come out of a visit. I wish I felt differently, but it scares me.

I'm useless, I'm weak and just plain no-good, but at least I'm honest.

I should go pretend to do some work now. Actually, that's not true, I've done all my work and am all caught up. I'm ahead of myself if you must know. Work always comes before blogging.

If you haven't entered the big shrooming contest, shame on you! What are you waiting for? You've got less than a week to get your entry into my email box. One lucky hippyfan is going to get to live the dream...and that lucky hippyfan could be you....

But only if you send me your entry! I can't get it just by reading your mind, no matter how hard I try!

I tried to email this post, but after an hour, it didn't turn up. If you're reading this twice, don't blame me, blame Blogger!
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