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Friday, February 04, 2005

The hippy's here, the hippy's here.

Where else would I be? This is my blog, after all. It's not like I can just hang out on anyone's webpage. How would that work? How do I invade other webpages? I don't think I can so I'll just stick around here.

I've heard back from my contest winner, she emailed me to accept the prize, an afternoon of shrooming with me. She'll be coming to my place tomorrow afternoon and we'll be enjoying some shrooms, spliff and the coolest music videos. I'm psyched and I think she is too! Dig it, fuckers!

And before you start thinking there might be some sort of hanky-panky going on, I can assure you from the start that this will not happen. I'm well behaved and she won't be tempted. Remember that I'm old, short, fat and bald. I'm hardly a sex symbol.

Then again, different strokes for different folks, I'm sure to some people out there, I am an object of lust and desire. Luckily my contest winning friend is normal, sane and not at risk stalking me.

Mrs. Hippy's away this weekend, visiting some relatives, but she trusts me. She knows that I know my testicles are worth more than 45 seconds of pleasure with another woman. Enough said.

I've had quite a dull day. I gave the living room and kitchen a good clean. Tomorrow, I'm doing the bathrooms.

Don't envy me for my glamorous media lifestyle, envy me because my toilets will be sparkling!

I'm very tempted to take some shrooms tonight, but am resisting that temptation. I've still got the kratom caps as well. Decisions, decisions.

Oh fucking hell, my neighbour across the street as a burglar alarm, which has been going off for about 20 minutes now. It's fucking loud and annoying and might drive me even more insane. If you can do something to make it stop, get to north London right away. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

This could go on for hours. Once it continued for an entire weekend. I was tempted to break in and steal their tv just for fucking spite. The cops even came (on day 2), knocked on the door, spoke into their radios, and then just departed, with the alarm still blaring. Obviously no one was home.

It will be a real treat for my contest winner, if it is still going on when she arrives.

Rather than take drugs, I might just go for a take-away. Some beef satay from my favourite Malaysian place would be lovely right about now. Oh I wish I could do it all, the shrooms, the kratom and the take-away, but sadly I can only choose one of these things. What’s a poor hippy to do?
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