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Saturday, February 12, 2005

I’m a lazy fucker, but I have my excuses.

I’m getting old, I smoke a lot of dope, I work too much, blah, blah. That doesn’t change the fact that I haven’t been giving this blog the proper due care and attention it requires. Worst of all, I’ve been neglecting my hippyfans!

Though you all have been neglecting me as well, my hit counter has barely moved this week. Maybe more of you use the RSS/ATOM feed than I thought and you wait for me to bring you something new. You’re the clever clogs, aren’t you?

Well, here I am. Break out the champagne and hookers!

I’ve actually been a bit distracted this week, by the other blog. I’ve let a few people read my second, secret blog and they have all liked it very much. One work colleague is going to recommend it to his literary agent for possible publication.

I think I might not have pulled off the prank of the century, but instead I might have ended up with something that has a market value. Imagine that?

I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but obviously the idea of selling something I’ve written appeals to me very much. My colleague reckons it will sell, it’s just a question of how much I get. Wow. He edits manuscripts and is published himself, so he knows what he is talking about, I think. I hope.

I’m still not going to share the URL with you, I don’t want to connect it with this blog just yet. I’ve tried to promote it a little this week, but without much success though it remains early days.
The reactions from my friends makes me think that once it is discovered, it will take off. I’m still not getting that many hits on it, but those who come almost always read more than one page and many come back, repeatedly.

I’m planning on writing an entry on the other blog right after I finish this one. I’ve decided that this is the weekend the main character’s life begins to unravel. By the end of the story, he will have nothing.

The reason I’m blogging so late is that I spent the afternoon shrooming with my contest winner! Even though I worked last night, I went for it and she was here and shroomed up with me by noon.

I took around 45grams of those P’pines p.cubes, the lucky winner took 30 grams. Once we ate them, we sat back on the sofa in front of the tv, lit a spliff and waited for them to kick in.

The winner was a bit shy and withdrawn at first, but soon relaxed thanks to my reassuring presence. I’m a joy to hang out with you know. Maybe the weed helped too.

After about an hour or so, I could feel the shrooms taking hold. The visuals began, but thankfully they weren’t anything like ones I had last Saturday. Dosage with shrooms (and all drugs) is everything.

My young friend also felt the effects. Soon we were laughing the sort of crazy laughter you get when you take shrooms and find everything hysterically funny.

Once the giggle period passed, we settled down on the sofa, smoked lots more spliffs and flipped around the music channels. I’m still digging The Killers “Somebody told me” and of course, Green Day.

The contest winner’s tastes were slightly more urban than mine, so we put MTV Base on for a while. I’m down with the Snoop Dogg stuff with Pharell, no wonder it’s sold so well, it’s damn good.

All in all, we partied together for around 6 hours, before she jumped in a mini-cab and went home. I’m sure it’s an experience she’ll never forget.

She didn’t ask for my autograph, she refused to join me in the naked dancing behind the net curtains and there was no touching-up in either direction. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

She was very nice, if a bit shy and quiet. I guess I can be a bit much to take, especially shroomed up. I hope I’m not as bad as my online megalomania might lead you to believe, but anything is possible.

I had a short nap after she left, which is why I'm so wide awake now. It's midnight, hippy standard time.

I’ll run another "shroom with the hippy contest" again, I’m sure many of you were very disappointed that you didn’t win. There will be more chances to shroom with the “most shroomtastic stoner” on the internet. I just wish I could clone myself so that each and every one of you could shroom with me everyday in the privacy of your own home.

But for now, you’re just going to have to wait for the next big VOSS (virtual online shroom session), which I’m hoping to do in the next few weeks. The last one was very successful, I expect the next one to be even bigger and better.

All you need to join in the fun is some shrooms and a net connection, then you can virtually shroom with me. It will be just like I’m in the room with you. Wait till you hear about the new features coming in version two!

Expect the announcement of the date in the next few days, then you can start your preparations. I’ll include full instructions on what you need to do to be a part of the fun. Watch out it!

Also, I think I might treat you all to another northlondonhippy short story experiment. I’m thinking weird and twisted science fiction this time. Well, whatever I write, I’m sure it will have a “weird and twisted” something since that is my specialty.

I won’t promise when I’ll do it, since disappointment can be best avoided that way, but when I have a chance, I’ve got a tiny idea I want to explore. It’s about the future of genetic engineering. Dig it, fuckers!

Well, I’ve spouted enough of “my special brand of drivel” for now, that ought to be enough to hold on to you fuckers till next time. You know you love it!
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