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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Just a quick one kids, I didn’t want you to think I’d fallen off the planet. Don’t worry, gravity still has me in its grip, I just wanted to take a little break from being the hippy.

You know, “living that hippy life, so you don’t have to”, comes with a cost. Sometimes that cost is high, as you could see from my experience on Saturday night. I wanted to leave that post on the top of the blog for a couple of days as well, to make sure everyone got to read it.

Naturally, I’ve had very few visitors in the last few days, so that plan didn’t work out either! So it goes. If you haven't read it, just keep scrolling down once you finish reading this one.

I’m feeling pretty good actually, though I do keep thinking about my “shroom hell” on Saturday night. I think what bothers me about it is that I let it happen. I’m surprised with myself, though part of me thinks, somewhere in the deeper recesses of my subconscious, I wanted it to happen. Now, that would be freaky.

I also wish I could have been able to relax into it more and experience it more fully. My problem was simple, once I realised how deep I was going, I tried to fight it, which only made it worse. Had I been able to calmly surrender to it, I would have enjoyed it that much more. But again, we are back to preparation and expectation. Had I been prepared, with the expectation of reaching level 5, I would have had a completely different experience.

I’m not in a rush to repeat it and will be much more careful the next time.

I’ve neglected my other blog a bit in the last week, which is quick naughty of me, especially when I’m on the point of it taking a nasty turn. I think I’m about ready to launch my clever promotional trick on it this week as the story has reached the point I need it to for the real attention to start coming.

No, you still can’t have the URL yet, not until it’s been mentioned in the mainstream media and I’m overrun with visitors. Sorry, but I want this to work. And you don’t know how much my big mouth wants to shoot off about this one, to everyone I know, but for my cunning plan to work, I need to keep it a secret for a while longer.

My other blog actually got it’s first fan email, from one of the regular readers. Here’s a short excerpt:

“Hi there, I'm a regular reader of your posts and find them very instructive. I
truly believe that you have a flair for writing. You can keep a reader
engaged even if the posts get long. My situation is similar to yours.
I cannot wait to start punting.”

There was more to it, but that’s the bit where he compliments me and naturally the section I want to share with you.

Have I piqued your curiosity? Is it driving you mad? Are you dying to read it? Well, it’s not for the easily offended, as it contains many graphic descriptions of sexual activities. Especially the entry I wrote today, woooo, boy, it’s just like hardcore porn.

But that’s the key, see, the graphic nature of the details. As you can see from my fan email, I’ve written a convincing, yet totally fictitious blog. People will love it, people will hate it, but they will be reading it and talking about it!

And then, once I have their attention, I’ll reveal it all to be a sham, with none other than the northlondonhippy cast as perpetrator, author and genius behind the blog.

Ok, maybe not genius, but I am the only one responsible.

The main character his completely reprehensible, yet in his mind, he isn’t doing anything wrong. He says he loves his wife and yet he sleeps with other women as often as possible and doesn’t have a problem rectifying these two distinctly different ideals. He’s confident he’ll never get caught and you know what, he never does, but his downfall is coming and when it does, it will surprise everyone, but especially him.

I’m telling you way too much about it, but that’s only because I’m excited because it is working. Very soon, all will be revealed!

And I have to apologise to you all for something else, I haven’t had the chance to organise the next VOSS (virtual online shroom session). I haven’t forgotten and I will be picking a suitable date and making the announcement very soon.

Remember to join in on a VOSS, all you need is a net connection and some shrooms. It doesn’t matter where you are, because it will be just like I’m right there in the room with you. Only with less of me touching you up, that comes in version two. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

And I’ve rescheduled with my contest winner. She had to cancel last Saturday at the last minute, which is why I ended up in my “shroom hell”, not that I’m blaming her at all! She’s coming here this Saturday lunchtime for that oft-mentioned afternoon of shrooms, spliffs, soft drinks and the coolest music videos. We’ll be on the ones from the Philippines, not the Hawaiians this time!

Anyway, I’m back to work tonight for the first of 2, come Friday morning, I’m finished and it’s party time, hippy stylie! Well, at least until Sunday, when I’m back for 3 more. Until next time my beloved hippyfans, stay cool, stay groovy and don’t ever take 33 grams of fresh Hawaiians!
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