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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Like, yo.

I'm still here, but only just. It's another dull night at work, where all the drama has been someone else's. I'm not complaining, let the stress belong to others, may the hippy remain cool eternally!

Sorry if you've come by to find out about the next big VOSS, but I've been focused on other matters, specifically the super-secret, second blog. It's been taking up a lot of my time this week, at the expense of this blog.

Don't worry, I'm still the same northlondonhippy you know, love and maybe lust after just a bit. Nothing will ever stop me from being the hippy, not ever! And the details for the big VOSS will be up sometime later this week, you've got my word on it!

The other blog has taken on a life of its own. For the last 2 weeks, it's been getting more hits than my hippyblog! Sex sells, kids and if there's one thing my other blog has oozing out of its pores, its sex. Graphic, sweaty, sticky, steamy, illicit sex!

The other blog also has a story, and I've just reached the climax, no pun intended. My main character, whose blog it is suppose to be, is not having a very good time of it. And it's only going to get worse for him. Ho hum.

I've enjoyed writing it; he's a lot different than me. I've written it all in the first person; I become the main character, as best I can, when writing it. I don't really like him, but I am in awe of his hubris.

As I think I've explained before, he created "his" blog to write about his numerous infidelities. He loves sleeping around behind his wife's back, but still professes his undying love for her. He doesn't see any problem in doing this, since it is "just sex" and he is not considering dumping his wife for any of his paramours.

He pulls women from the internet, telephone chatlines, supermarkets, work colleagues, he's even screwed one of his neighbours. He's not ashamed to pay for it either, he does hookers and escorts as well. He's relentless, more so than I ever was and that's saying something.

His wife is a nurse; she works mainly nightshifts, which gives him ample opportunity to accommodate his various lovers in his own home. But typical of his style, he uses the guest bedroom, not his marital bed. He loves to split hairs and make the sort of distinctions that in his mind, separate "good" and "bad".

I've always been fascinated by morality and questions of conscience. Not in a "what would Jesus do?" kind of way, but more along the lines of what would someone normal do? We make dozens of decisions daily which surely involve our individual moral compasses. Does your point to true north or do you swerve a bit south like my fictitious blogging friend?

I'm sorry to keep teasing you all with all this talk about my second, super-secret blog, but I promise when the time is right, I'll share it with you. I don't want to put a link in here that would connect the two blogs.

There are quite a few people out there in the world that think the other blog is real. I have some dedicated fans that read and re-read what I've written in there. I think it is so they can masturbate to it, but obviously I can't be sure.

Yes, as much as I like to think that the other blog is quite literary and well written, it's also good, solid, top-shelf, wank material.

I'll tell you what, my beloved hippyfans...if any of you are so desperate to read my other blog, just email me directly and I'll provide you with the URL. I'd be trusting that you won't tell anyone, but you're all hippyfans, so I know your word is good!

So there's my offer, if it is bugging you that I keep droning on about the other blog, go ahead and email the hippy. I'll reply with the URL of the other blog, I promise.

Don't know my email? It's still

Otherwise, you can just be patient and wait for me to put the URL in here. I will eventually, but I don't know when yet. The choice, my friends, is yours!
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