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Saturday, February 19, 2005

The next big VOSS is coming soon – click here for details!

I’m a early hippy, but an early hippy is always better than no hippy at all!

I’ve been awake for around an hour, it’s a bright sunny day. I’m squinting to see the computer screen, since the sun is shining into my lair and right into my eyes. Don’t be fooled by the clear, bright sky though, it means it’s particularly cold. And it’s going to get colder, they are threatening snow or some such nonsense in the next day or so. I hope it doesn’t hit fabulous north London, I’m not up for that shit, man.

My first hour awake has been spent in front of the PC, I’ve read all my UK papers already. I’ve still got a couple more news sites to check out, but I just read something in the Guardian which has inspired me to get blogging now.

The UK government is at it again, they’ve got my favourite drug, magic mushrooms in their sights yet again. The shitbags can’t leave well enough alone. Looky right HERE for the full article.

Once again, their approach to my fav funny fungus is confused and ill advised. With the law still contradictory, they don’t have a chance of their prosecutions going anywhere.

Perhaps that’s their point, to confuse the legal issue further so they can just change the laws without any questioning it. No one is talking about the effects of shrooms or their relative safety.

Well, actually, one guy in the article is, Dr Brian Iddon, an organic chemist who sits on the parliamentary committee checking out the new bill. He’s quoted in the Guardian article as saying, "As far as I know, magic mushrooms are a mild psychedelic - they do not cause people to jump out of windows. We need much more research before deciding whether or not we should outlaw them." He’s a voice of sanity working for the government, but will they listen to him? Will they, fuck!

The writing is on the wall, kids. The government is going piss all over our party, it’s only a matter of time. You can’t have fun, unless it’s the kind of fun the government man says is OK for you. It’s cool to sit in a pub and drink yourself senseless everyday, till your liver packs up and you croak. Matter of fact, that is such a good thing that the gov’t is fixing it so pubs have the possibility of selling you booze 24-hours a day. Your liver doesn’t stand a chance.

But if you enjoy a vegetable, a non-toxic fungus that makes you see some pretty colours, well fuck you and the horse you road in on.

I can chain-smoke tobacco till I’m blue in the face, and that’s OK too, but we all know smoking is really bad for you. Here, this is what it says on the pack of Marlboro Lights sitting on my desk in front of me: “Smoking seriously harms you and others around you”.

I can still buy them at any corner shop, petrol station, pub, supermarket, you name it.

Dear Home Office ministers and civil servants: I know there’s a chance you might stumble up on this blog, if you do, here’s a big hint! Make all drugs legal, tax them and let us decide for ourselves. Your way is not working, prohibition has been a failed experiment. It’s time to try things another, more practical way. It won’t be the end of society, but it might be a new beginning.

Look, I don’t want my car stereo stolen to feed someone’s crack habit. If crack was legal and sold for the same price it costs in the countries where it’s made, users would only need pennies per day to stay nice. Think of all the nice, decent people whose throats won’t need to be slit to steal their money. You’d be saying lives, voters lives. You know it makes sense.

And that ends yet another one of my “drug fueled rants”.

You might have noticed at the top of this page, a helpful link to the announcement for the next big VOSS. I told you I would get to it eventually!

To the uninitiated, VOSS stands for “virtual online shroom session” which we did for the first time a couple of months ago. That first one was greeted with universal acclaim, it really was a big success. This next one promises to be an even bigger event and I expect a great turn out from hippyfans around the world.

If you missed the link at the top of this page, don’t worry, here it is AGAIN.

You do need to pre-register for my MSN group, but that’s all the prep required. Oh and you’ll need some shrooms or other suitably mind altering substance. Booze works, remember it’s a drug too.

This VOSS might be taking on a whole new meaning if the government really does reclassify fresh shrooms. It could be the last legal one we ever have, so make extra-sure you don’t miss it.

I’ll be there all day, shroomed up, stoned and ready to party with you! Dig it, fuckers!

Tell me, oh my beloved hippyfans, have you ever spent nearly 2 hours exclusively reading this site? It’s ok, you can be honest, if not with me, than at least yourselves.

You haven’t, have you? That’s alright, I don’t blame you. With something like 300 posts on here, probably around 200,000 words, it’s a lot to take in during one surfing session, but I’m trying to make a different point right now.

My other blog, the super-secret second one, gets visitors who stay for an hour or two, reading 20 plus pages in one sitting. Sitemeter reveals all!

I’m still only getting people who stumble upon the other blog, but god do they get hooked. Very few people only read one page, especially right now, since I turned it all dark and depressing. I’ve only got 4 or 5 more chapters/entries to go before the story is finished. Then I’m just going to let it sit out there on the internet for people to discover.

Unless of course, I get a publishing deal. I’d still like to leave the blog out there in cyberspace, but if the publisher said “no deal” unless you take it off line, then I know exactly what I would do. It would be bye-bye blog in no time.

But not this blog, the hippy blog is up here for keeps! Even if I got a radio show or a weekly newspaper column, this blog stays right where it is. Once my hippy feature film (the northlondonhippy! Gimme a yippee!) is in production, well I’ll still blog from the set. I’ll blog till I drop!

I’m blogging my life away, every night and every day, just for YOU!
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