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Friday, February 18, 2005

The northlondonhippy is pleased to announce…

The next Virtual Online Shroom Session (VOSS)!

The place: TBA
The date: Saturday 19th March 2005
The time: 11:00-22:00 GMT/London time

(Here are times in other parts of the world
Beijing/Taipei: 19:00-05:00
Tokyo/Bangkok: 20:00-06:00
Berlin/Paris: 12:00-23:00
New York, Washington DC, Boston, Atlanta: 06:00-17:00
Los Angeles/San Francisco: 03:00-14:00
- Click HERE to check for the time difference to your nearest city)

That’s right kids, on Saturday 19th March, you can join this hippy online for a day of virtual online shrooming! The last VOSS was a rollicking success, I expect this one will be even bigger and better!

I’m giving you plenty of notice this time, around an entire month. And I’m doing it on a Saturday, so you really have no excuses! Be there or beware!

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can all be a part of the fun! All you need to join in the online shrooming extravaganza is a net connection and some fresh magic mushrooms. If you’re in the UK, you have no excuses, they’re still legal and easy to get!

If you don’t have a headshop near you and you can’t get to Camden or Portabello Markets, don’t worry, here are three different websites that will post them to you, which I can personally recommend!




They all ship via overnight post, but I’d make sure they come a day or two before the big VOSS, just to be safe. That’s my plan anyway!

They’ve got the hippy seal of approval, so you know they’ve got to be good!

If you’re not in the UK, don’t worry, they grow wild everywhere. Or maybe, you’ll know some helpful person who can hook you up with some. Look, I don’t care how you get ‘em, but you better get ‘em!

Ok, it doesn’t have to be shrooms, any mind-altering substance will be fine, including liquor if that’s all you can lay your hippyfan hands on! Just as long as no one is sober, everyone has to be buzzed on something! That’s really the only rule.

The VOSS was going to be hosted by our good friends at MSN, but since they hate my new 20" G5 iMAC, that's no longer an option.

Besides shrooms and a net connection, you’ll need to log-on to whatever new chatroom venue I find. I'll put the details up ASAP. I promise this event is open to anyone! You can all come to the VOSS, no one will be excluded (except members of the law enforcement industry, naturally).

On the day of the big VOSS, you'll just need to join my chatroom, where you will find me, shroomed up, stoned and ready to party virtually with you!

It will be just like I’m right there in the room with you, only with less of me touching you up, that comes in version two…mmmmmmmmmm.

We can virtually see those pretty colours together, it will be all your northlondonhippy dreams come true at once! Can you stand it, fuckers?

So there you have it, you know what to do next. Get registered, get ready, we’re gonna tear the entire internet to shreds! So come on hippyfans, let’s make it day we’ll never remember!

I hope to see you all there virtually for the big VOSS, don’t forget that date, it’s Saturday 19th March 2005!
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