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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Somethings don't go according to plan, especially when the health of the Pope is concerned.

I walked into work on Tuesday night, thinking that it would be a nice, mellow evening, with nothing terribly interesting, exciting or noteworthy to deal with...and then, all of the sudden, the pope is taken to hospital.

A butterfy flaps its wings in China and a a storm surges elsewhere. The pope goes sick in Rome and this hippy gets busy in London Chaos theory, cause and effect, some shit you just don't need when I'm only making a single guest appearance in my office!

Ok, the real question is: Is he or isn't he? If the pope is already dead, the Vatican won't announce it until tomorrow morning, the earliest. So as far as we all know, he's alive, but not well. Maybe he'll survive the night, perhaps he's already enjoying cocktails with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we just don't know.

My guess is that nothing will happen until after I leave in the morning, though I expect this is just wishful thinking on my part. At least I'm not catholic and don't really care what happens.

I'm not going to do another of my anti-god, anti-religious rants, because I don't actually hate the pope. I'm sure that surprises you. This particular pope probably isn't really a bad guy, though he is a religious extremist whose less than liberal views on things like birth control, abortion and condoms to fight AIDS are costing lives every day.

What am I talking about! Of course he's a bad guy, people die because of the ignorant views he holds. The problem is, when he does die, they'll just replace him with some other other cunt who will share the same antiquated views on life in the modern world.

Ban all religion, fuckers and just worship my mushroom god with me! The mushroom god doesn't make moral judgements, he let's you live your life exactly the way you wish to, only with more pretty colours. The pope's god has all sorts of ideas on what you can do and when you can do them.

Mainly, you can't do anything fun, ever! That's the catholic mantra!

Sorry, maybe I should be taking this more seriously, there's probably millions of people around the world who will care about this, I'm just not one of them. And let's face it, if you are a hippyfan, you're probably even more godless than me. You'd have to be just to dig whatever it is I do here. Oh yeah, that "special brand of drivel" thing I'm always going on about!

There's one thing the pope's possible death isn't going to stop and that's the big shroom session this weekend. One lucky hippyfan will be joining me at my lair in fabulous north London for an afternoon of shrooms, spliffs, soft drinks and the coolest music videos. The deadline is rapidly approaching, you've got precious little time to get your entry into me.

I'll be notifying the winner on Thursday, then making the big announcement here in the blog. Are you ready? Can you stand it? This is so exciting, I just might shit myself!

What are you waiting for? Send me your entry right now! Follow the link at the top of this page for more details!

That's it for me tonight, I doubt I'll be back until tomorrow morning, when I get home. The contest will remain open until my next posting, when I will confirm that the contest is closed to entries. Then I've got to get to work on the hard part and pick that lucky winner. Maybe it will be YOU!
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