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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What’s more shroomtastic than shrooming?
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I’ve done it, kids. I ordered my new computer this very morning. I love new toys.

I went for the Apple iMAC G5 20”, with a 250gb hard drive, airport extreme, bluetooth, wireless keyboard and mouse. I also ordered a new ADSL modem, Airport Express (with Airtunes) and once the computer arrives, I’ll also order some additional RAM. I’ll get the RAM from another company, where it’s cheaper, but shhhhh, don’t tell Apple.

Naturally, spending my money wasn’t easy. It seems the more you wish to spend, the harder they make it for you. I thought I lived in a world where the consumer was king? Think again, hippy.

I logged into the Apple website via the NUJ, so I could get my 10% discount. I put the order together, filled in all my details, my address, credit card info, the works. Then I hit “complete the order”.

The website came back and said my credit card company declined the transaction. What the fuck? I’m solvent, I’ve even got a decent limit on that card.

I phoned Apple. The guy I spoke to was really helpful, he went through the order with me again, even suggested a couple of money saving changes and then he put the order through again.

My credit card company again declined it, but he was able to get more info than I was online. He said the bank wouldn’t authorise the order until I phoned them. This has to do with the large amount of the transaction and automated anti-fraud measures.

I phoned my bank, convinced them I was me and they removed the bar from my account. Mr. Apple Man phoned me back shortly after that and we consummated the deal.

My new computer should be arriving sometime in the middle of next week. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s going to be groovy. It’s going to be the centerpiece of my all new, all digital lifestyle.

Can you stand it, fuckers?

You might have noticed one item missing from my shopping list, the iPOD. I’ve decided to hold off on buying one, at least for the moment. My new phone, the wonderful Sony-Ericsson s700I has a built-in MP3 player, plus a slot for memory sticks, which can hold quite a bit. If I can figure out how to convert tracks to MP3 and bluetooth them to the phone, that might be the easiest musical solution.

I’ll give it a try, if it is not ideal, then I will buy myself an iPOD.

I reckon it will take some time to sort out the new computer, learn how to work it and get all my old files on to it from the PC. I also want to start ripping my CD collection on to it, so if I do get an iPOD, I’ll have a head start.

I’m such a consumer sometimes, but then shouldn’t I be? Isn’t consumerism the true religion of the masses? Don’t we all worship high-ticket electronic items sold at a discount price?

If I had more money, I’d buy even more crap! Who wouldn’t?

Mrs. H and I are tentatively planning a week’s holiday in April. I don’t know where we’re going yet, but it will be good to get away for a while. When the time comes, don’t worry, internet cafes are in my budget and I’ll be blogging from abroad at every available opportunity!

My drive home on Tuesday was just fine, thanks for asking. The snow didn’t really do much until overnight last night. When I woke up at the ungodly hour of 7am this morning, my little patch of north London was covered with a dusting of snow. It was a ghetto winter wonderland. The kids were using snowballs for skeet shooting, it was fun to watch those shotguns turn them back into powder!

The snow’s all but melted now and the sun is once again shining brightly and dazzling me a bit as I stare at my monitor. There’s loads I should be doing, but fuck it, it’s cold, it’s wet and I’d rather smoke spliff and watch TV all day.

The other blog continues to astound me. I’ve had a couple more people leave comments and my “core fan base” is extending every day. I can see that the same people come back again and again, reading all of it. Sitemeter knows all!

I had an entry written and all ready to go last night, but quite unusually my internet connection was fucked. My ADSL modem was connecting fine, but I couldn’t access anything. Pages wouldn’t load in my browser, I couldn’t use any program that accessed the net. Something was up with my provider.

Luckily, when I woke up this morning and checked, it was working fine. It must be, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now!

I had to re-jig the entry slightly, to make it seem like I wrote it this morning, and not last night before putting the post up. I’ve decided not to wrap the story up too quickly, I’m going to drag it out just a little bit longer. People are digging it, so why not? Maybe I’ll get paid by the word, like Dickens.

Here’s a statistic for you: I’ve provided nearly 500 individual page views on the other blog in this month alone. Wow!

Still no word from the literary agent, but I’m being patient. I might send my contact another email next week as a gentle reminder that it’s still around.

I still have a good feeling about it and I’m hoping something happens with it soon. This hippy needs more money for more toys and more holidays!

I hope you all are getting ready for the big VOSS, it’s only a few weeks away now. I’m anticipating a high turn-out, you wouldn’t want to disappoint this hippy, would you?

There’s a link at the top of this page that will tell you everything you need to know to be a part of the fun. You’ve got no excuse, be there or miss out on the most fun you’ve ever had online!
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