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Monday, March 07, 2005

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Where’s my goddamn computer?

Not the one I’m typing on now, I know where that one is, it’s sitting on my desk, right in front of me.

I mean my new Apple G5 20” iMAC! According to the shipper’s tracking website, it landed at London City Airport and reached customs on Saturday morning at 7:11am.

That means it has been in town for over 48 hours, but it still hasn’t reached my lair! The fuckers!

I’ve been up since 7:30am today, staring out the window, waiting for the big-assed truck to pull up with my new toy. I’m like a kid on Christmas eve, waiting for Santa. Though Santa might not come for me today, or tomorrow, or the next day. Fuck knows when it will actually come!

I’m waiting for another smaller package as well, with some useful cables and adapters as well, maybe that will come and I won’t have wasted an entire day staring out my window.

You think I’m kidding? Every time I hear a truck or other larger vehicle go by, I’m at the window like a shot. I’m such a big kid, it’s not funny.

It would be good if it came today, even tomorrow, but after that, I’m a bit screwed since I’m working so goddamn much this week. It’s ok really, since I don’t have any other shifts lined up for the rest of the month. I’ll take what I can get. I’m still hoping to pick up a few more, but there’re no guarantees.

I didn’t shroom on Saturday night. I finished work on Saturday morning, had a nap through the afternoon and when I woke up, I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I probably should have done it anyway, but I didn’t. Instead I watched some tv and went back to bed at a reasonable hour.

Sometimes my hippylifestyle just ain’t living up to expectations. Luckily, I keep my expectations so low, it usually doesn’t matter. It would have been cool to do get out of my face on Saturday, but it wasn’t essential. I’m still having more fun than you…

I’m having more fun than everyone! All the time really!

How many spliffs have you had this morning? I’m working on my third! How many cool films and tv shows are you going to watch today? My viewing is unlimited!

Weed and tv on a Monday morning, and I’ve got money in the bank! My hippy life’s not so bad, actually its pretty damn good.

The only thing that could possibly make it even better today would be a threesome Britney and Zoe from Eastenders.

Oooops, sorry, I forgot which blog I was writing in. Yeah I’m still working on that other, secret, fictional blog and that’s just the kind of thing my main character would enjoy. I suppose I would enjoy it too, who wouldn’t? He actually had a very expensive hooker last weekend and she looked like one of the two women I just mentioned.

I’m actually starting to get a bit bored with the other blog. Me and my short attention span. I’m being hard on myself, since I’m up to 25 chapters and around 65,000 words now, but I do think the story has just about run its course. I will finish it, I’m just losing steam.

Egomaniac that I am, I thought the other blog would have caught on like a wildfire by now. No one in the mainstream media has picked up on it yet and I am a little surprised. Those who have found it, come back again and again and again. And they read loads of it, I would say most of my regulars have read every single word, some of them more than once.

I’m sure there’s a segment that have been using it as a masturbation inspiration, but a lot more are digging the story and wondering what my character will get up to next. People leave loads of comments and advice for him as well.

I tend to telegraph his mistakes a bit before he makes them and it’s a bit like a panto. The audience is shouting “he’s behind you” and its quite amusing.

When I finish this entry, I’m going to email the literary agent again. It’s been 3 or 4 weeks since she said she would try to do something with it, I think at this point, it can’t hurt.

If nothing comes of it with her after that, I’ll have to think of another clever idea.

And when I do finish it, I want to start doing something else straight away. Maybe I’ll try to think of something to do with my new computer, especially if I get a DV camera. Next week I’ll probably order one. It could be cool to make a film.

Maybe it’s time the northlondon hippy had a film. Would you kids download it if I made it available? Don’t worry, I’d wear a disguise and hide my identity. And I promise no shots of my cock, no matter how much you all beg!

It’s a thought. Another one is to start a different fictional blog. Some of you might remember a short story I posted, called “MIRIAM”. If you don’t, I’ve cleverly included a handy link for you. She’d be a great subject for a fictional tale, she’s a character I think I could have some serious fun with.

We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve can’t sit here all day spouting “my special brand of drivel”, I’ve got windows to stare out of and secret blog entries to make. And if by some miracle, my new computer arrives today, I’ve got hours of fun ahead of me setting it up and learning how to use it!

Catch ya later, fuckers!
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