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Friday, March 18, 2005

The big VOSS has been postponed by one week, it’s now Saturday 26th March 2005! Click here for the updated details. You better be there!

Hey kids!

Would you all please stand and help me sing the following song:

“Happy anniversary to the hippy

Go on, give him a “yipppeee”

He is rather trippy

And he made it to his first anniversary!”

Well fuck me rigid and call me Linda Lovelace, if I haven’t actually gone and done it! The northlondonhippy blog is one year old today! And people say I have no attention span!

People say a lot of shit, though, don’t they.

Well, it was a year ago today that I logged into Blogger for the very first time. I was unemployed, broke and looking for a new direction. And now, one year later, things couldn’t be any different.

I’m working, nearly full-time on a contract that pays well, but still gives me plenty of time to pursue my weird and twisted lifestyle.

I’ve got dosh in the bank, plus a new moderately priced economy car. And let’s not forget my all-new digital lifestyle, which I’m still working on completely. I reckon I’m 75% of the way there now. Materially and financially, I am doing much better.

I’m still “on drugs”, if you count spliff and I’m sure some of you zealots out there do! I’m smoking my first one of the day as I type this. It’s 8:30am in the morning, I waited as long as I could! I still enjoy my shrooms as well, though I don’t get to take them as often as I used to!

I’ve kept going on this blog for a year now. I’ve had over 2,000 visitors and served up well over 3,000 pages. Actually, the numbers are really higher than that, but I didn’t bother to put a hit counter on the page until last July.

I’ve got well over 300 entries here, Blogger doesn’t count them properly, so I don’t have a precise number. Some of them are even good and worthy of your valuable surfing time. A lot of them are shite, but hey, at least I wrote something.

And I don’t only have this blog, I also have my other, secret, second fictional blog which continues to attract new and returning visitors every day. I started the 2nd one in December and have already had 1,300 visitors,

The other blog has 27 “chapters” already, well over 75,000 words. Many of them are bad words, like “cock” and “pussy” and “suck me”. It’s rude, bordering on pornographic, but it’s also funny and has a story full of twists and turns. I’d like to make some money out of it, but that seems unlikely.

My family is still around, though, there’s one less of us wandering the earth. My father passed away last September. I spent a great deal of time writing about his illness and death and my ostrich like reaction to it all. He was a good man and he deserved better from me.

My mother’s still around, but her life is shit. She’s practically bed-bound and relies on a home-care-assistant to take care of her. I spoke to her yesterday, our conversations are never happy. Her latest plan is to sell her house and move into a nursing home near one of her sisters. She changes her plans every few weeks, so who knows what she’ll do. I’m letting her down as well, I’m doing it right now.

My younger brother’s here and he’s doing ok. We didn’t speak for about 6 months, right across the time my father died. He’s here in London too and I speak to him often again and try to see him every few weeks. I’m glad he’s back, I missed him.

And of course, Mrs. Hippy’s still here and still putting up with my weird and twisted life. We’ve been together nearly 8 years, so she is used to my eccentricities. But that’s cool, because I’m used to hers as well. We’re stuck with each other for life, but that’s love for ya!

And last, but certainly not least, there’s you guys, my loyal legions of hippyfans. There’d be no point in spilling “my special brand of drivel” all over the internet if you all weren’t there to read every word.

Remember, “I’m blogging my life away, every night and every day, just for Y-O-U!”

I’ve been “the most shroomtastic stoner on the internet” for a year now and there’s no sign I’m going to ease back anytime soon! I love being the hippy with all the acclaim and free drugs that come with it.

So what do I have planned for the second year of the hippy? More of the same, more spliff, more shrooms and much more fun!

“I’m having more fun that you, right now, but then I have more fun than everyone!”

“I’m still the biggest internet celebrity you’ve never heard of! But not for long! 2005 is the year of the hippy” The mainstream media will be my bitch before you know it. I’ll only travel by limo and only if it’s chock full of hookers, handguns and hard-drugs. I’ll make sure that all three items are in every rider of every contract! Dammit.

I’m an unashamed internet weirdo, but that’s cool, because you probably are too. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were anything else! Thank god for us, we make the world go round and round!

Thank you, my family, friends, casual visitors and loyal hippyfans for a year I’d normally never remember. And thanks to this blog, because can look up what is was I did almost every day of the last 365!

Gosh, I’m getting all emotional. Is that a hippy tear I see?

No, just some smoke in my eyes. Honest.

Catch ya later, fuckers!
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