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Monday, March 14, 2005

Countdown to the big VOSS: 5 days left! Wanna know more? Click here!

It’s my first anniversary on Friday. Did you get me a gift? I have expensive tastes, so don’t be sending me any crap, fuckers!

I can’t believe a year has gone by already. Time flies when you’re on drugs!

I’ll be spending the week reflecting back on some of the highs and lows of the last year. I was high, everything else was pretty low!

I’ve got quite a busy week ahead of me, actually. I’ve got to:

1) Re-design and update the “BEST” of the hippy page
2) Write a new entry on the second, secret, fictional blog
3) Write, record and post the first northlondonhippy single, “Gimme a yippeeee”
4) Prepare for the big VOSS

I’m, also going to be spending some of my hard earned cash on more electronics designed to seamlessly integrate into my all-new digital lifestyle. Chief among these items is the DV camera and accessories and the audio/MIDI interface. I’m still planning on bopping into central London on Monday morning to pick up the interface, which is cheaper there than online even.

And Mrs. H and I are planning a trip to IKEA to pick up a few things. IKEA is hell on earth, but where else can you get decent furniture and fixtures at a cut rate price?

We need a new floor lamp as our uplighter in the living room died last week, plus a few extra bits as well.

And if that’s not enough, I’m thinking of hiring a skip in the next week or so to begin to clear out all of the clutter in the house. Don’t know what a “skip” is? Then you’re in America, where you call them “dumpsters”. They’re cheap to hire and the companies who rent them, also sort out the local permission, so it’s a good deal.

I also need to see my dentist for an overdue annual check-up and cleaning AND I need to get my eyes checked out and my prescription for contact lenses renewed.


Perhaps it’s all a bit much for one week, but that’s OK, as it stands I’m not working for at least 3 weeks. Unless the phone rings, that is.

I think this week should be all about being the northlondonhippy and most of my efforts should be concentrated on having fun and celebrating my “amazing success” online.

I’m still “the biggest internet celebrity you’ve never heard of”, but not for long. 2005 remains the year of the hippy. Check your calendars if you don’t believe me!

Let’s face it, my blog isn’t as good as it used to be, so perhaps I should focus my efforts on recapturing the original magic that made this blog so great.

Original magic? This blog is so great? The madness of king hippy continues!

I’m going to be wrapping up the other blog imminently, I invision 3 more entries in the next fortnight, and then it will be done. I’ll take a break with the character for a few months, before I start the sequel.

That means you’ll all get my relatively undivided attention again very soon. I bet you can’t fucking wait!

It also means I’m going to return to my roots. That means less bullshit about my life and more bullshit about fun things, like drugs, music and society. Dig it, fuckers!

I don’t’ really think I’ve written anything recently worthy of inclusion on the "BEST" of the hippy in a while and that’s bad. How can I point you to the “relative gems” if I’m not providing them for you?

We all know the answer to that one!

Special thanks to all my hippyfans who’ve stuck with me through this brief fallow period. Your dedication will be richly rewarded, both in this life and the next!

I’ve logged in and blogged on early tonight. As you probably guessed or even remembered, I’m at work again this evening, my last one of six gruelling shifts in a row.

Roll on Monday morning!

Stay tuned, fuckers! This is going to be a fun week, for me, for you…for everyone!
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