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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Did somebody say something about a big VOSS? Oh yeah, me! Find out more here!


"Yes" is a great word, it's the answer you want to just about every question you ask. Its positive, its agreeable, it gives you what you want, most of the time.

Unless the question is: Do I have cancer? You don't want to hear "yes" then. You don't even want to be asking that question, unless you really have to anyway.

I love the word "yes", especially when I'm asking for something. Do you have that in black? Can I have an ounce this time? Can I remove your thong? You get the idea.

But what if the question is: You mean you don't have a driver for my printer that works with my brand new 20" G5 iMAC?


The fuckers!

I've got an HP 1005 Laserjet printer, around 2 years old and its not supported by OS X. I've checked kids, I even phoned my new friends at Apple.

I got caught out. You can't expect me to check everything, can you?

Sigh. Ho hum. What's a hippy to do?

Not worry about it too much, naturally. I can still connect it to my old PC, which when I clear some space, will be set up again and wi-fi'd into my new home network. It won't be pretty, but I can send things to the other PC, then print them from there. Or I could just buy another printer. Maybe someday.

The good news is my new Sony Ericcson s700i and the iMAC are now good friends. I had some trouble getting some of the more basic bluetooth functions to work, but now it's all groovy. I can send still pics and video from the phone...I can even use the phone as a full remote control for the computer, though I don't really know why I would want to do that exactly. I'll also be able to send SMS messages from the computer through the phone, which is a useful thing, since my keyboard is a lot easier to type on than a mobilephone keypad.

And the coolest thing is that this hippy successfully took the back cover of the iMAC off, removed the mingy 256mb of RAM and replaced it with 2gigs of compatible RAM all by himself. I didn't fuck it up or anything. Net time: 3 minutes. It was piss easy, even a hippy could do it.

I'm slowly coming to grips with the differences between Windows and Mac OS X. Though they are subtle, there are a lot of them. I'm not sure if I am sold on the one button mouse, though it helps that I've discovered you can re-create a right click by holding down the "ctrl key" when you click. I might replace the mouse with a 2 button, scroll wheel model, if I don't get accustom to it soon.

The keyboard is very good, excellent feel and action. Again, the layout is slightly different and the keyboard shortcuts aren't the same, but I'm getting there.

Both the keyboard and mouse are bluetooth, and I get on to the net via wi-fi, so there are no cables cluttering my desk at all. The whole set-up is very elegant, minimalist and clean. I really like it.

The 20" display is gorgeous, even better than it looked in the shop. It's massive and widescreen, so again I'm very impressed.

Overall, my first impressions of my brand new 20" G5 iMAC are very positive, I'm looking forward to going a bit deeper with the applications. I should have some time next week to play with iPhoto, iTunes, and maybe even GarageBand. And if I order my new Sony PCR HC42E next week, iMovie and iDVD might get a test drive as well.

So if you asked if I was enjoying my all new digital lifestyle, the centerpiece of which is my all new iMAC, the answer would be only one word:

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