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Thursday, March 10, 2005

I’ll be at a real loss, if you don’t come to the big VOSS. Click here for details!

A late hippy is better than no hippy at all. At least that’s my considered opinion. I’m sure you have your own views on the subject.

I’m at my desk, in my office and it’s just past 3:30am. Most of you are probably sleeping and quite frankly I wish I was too. I didn’t get enough sleep on Wednesday, so I am feeling more than a bit tired right now.

Thankfully it has been a rather undemanding evening which suits me just fine. I’m very organised anyway, so everything is under control. Dig it, fuckers!

Mrs. H finally took the iMAC G5 for a test drive. I think she likes the new computer, but she certainly isn’t as enthusiastic as this hippy. That’s ok, it’s really only boys who get excited by toys. She’ll learn to love it in time. How could she not, it’s gorgeous!

My younger brother did something cool for me today, he posted the link to my other blog on a couple of websites. I’ve had more hits in the last 3 hours than I had in the last week, thanks to his sneaky move. The sites he used were all sex-related, so I’m still getting the net-perv brigade, but that’s cool with me. I don’t care who reads it, as long as it gets read!

Of course, net-pervs aren’t going to give me a book deal or ask me to turn it into a screenplay, but you never know. Every new visitor is a potential gateway to success and riches beyond my wildest dreams.

My dreams are pretty wild, so it would be a tall order to fill. As always, I’m keeping an open mind, anything can happen…and it usually does!

This blog, which is my main reason for existing, is also not doing to shabbily, but I appreciate it is more “specialist” than my fictional sex blog. The cool thing about you hippyfans is that you’re loyal and you know a good thing when you find it.

The visitors to the other blog are more interested in masturbating to what I’ve written than the actual literary merits of it. The latest entry, which I posted on Weds morning, is actually laugh-out-loud funny, provided you like your humour dark and close to the bone. I keep finding new lows for my main character to hit. He’s so sleazy it’s not funny.

And you’ll dig this, I’ve begun to give him a cocaine problem. I couldn’t resist and best of all, it’s making his behaviour even worse!

That’s the cool thing about writing fiction, in that universe I’ve created, I am god. I can give and take from my main character at will. It’s loads of fun.

But we know the score on fun, don’t we? I’m always having more fun than you! I have more fun than anybody!

I’m going re-do the “BEST” of the hippy section next week, in honour of my 1st anniversary on this blog. The big day is 18th March, I’m aiming to have the new BoH section up by then.

And don’t forget the big VOSS, which happens on Saturday 19th March. Drop by, party with me virtually and help me celebrate my anniversary. If you’re reading this right now, you’re invited. There’s a link at the top of this page with details on what you need to do to join the fun! A good time will be had by all, or else!

I’m going to keep this relatively brief, but I might be back later this morning, especially if I put out my press release!
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