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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

In just a couple of days, your life will change. You will attend your first VOSS!

Hey ho hippyfans, what’s shaking?

Is it just me or does this blog seem a bit dead lately? Well come this Saturday we'll be giving it and me a big fucking kick up the ass when the VOSS happens.

What’s a VOSS? What are you, living in a cave? Not clicking on my handy links at the top of every-god-damn-page? Well screw you and the horse you rode in on!

VOSS stands for “virtual online shroom session” and man are they great! It’s really simple, you take some magic mushrooms, I take some too. Then we meet up online in the northlondonhippy shroomroom, which is my private chatroom set up just for the VOSS. Before you know it, you are partying with the hippy and having almost as much fun as me.

Nobody can have exactly as much as me though, since I have more fun than everyone!

Just be ready to come across with lots of “yipppeees” for me, lord knows I need ‘em!

Work last night was just fine, though I was pretty much toast by the time I left for home. The drive was fun, since I wasn’t very alert, luckily my Yaris has auto-pilot, so I just switched it on, closed my eyes, sat back and let the car do the rest.

Doesn’t your car have auto-pilot? Wasn’t it made in this century?

Once home, I didn’t do much except head off to bed around an hour after I got here. I woke up around 4pm and am still tired now. I’m sure the call of my pillows will again become irresistible and I will slink off to sleep soon.

I'm still working on the other blog, my secret, fictional one. It's getting more and more attention. I started it as a funny way to promote this one, but it's taken on a life of it's own. I don't know if that's a good idea anymore.

The people who read the other blog wouldn’t dig the hippy, they aren’t cool like you guys. I don’t mean that in an insulting way, well, maybe I do a little.

Anyone who would idolise my character is not someone you would want dating your daughter or your mother. My character is sleazy, but his fans must be sleazier, after all they exist and he’s just fiction.

But doesn’t that make this hippy kind of sleazy too? After all, I did imagine it.


Truth is, I have a vivid and active imagination. When I write as the other character, I try to almost become him. I know how wanky that sounds, but it’s true to a point. A certain amount of the writing in the other blog is calculated, but the best stuff I’ve come up with has been when I’ve tried to think like him and react to situations as he would. I must be doing something right, it’s getting loads of attention.

I want to get the excitement back that we had here not too long ago. I want you all to come back in droves and tell me how much you love, adore and worship me. I could be your personal saviour, if only you’d open your hearts to me!

2005 is still the year of the hippy! I can’t remain the biggest internet celebrity you’ve never heard of for much longer, can I?
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