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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Nine out of ten doctors recommend a big VOSS. Find out here if it is right for you!

Hey ho hippyfans! What’s shaking?

I’m enjoying a relatively lazy day today. Hands-up if this surprises you?

And why shouldn’t I be relaxing? I worked quite hard over the weekend and my last night was particularly busy. That’s why you haven’t heard from me for a couple of days.

I’ve been awake since 8:30am, I got up at this time just in case my new Apple G5 iMAC arrived. It hasn’t, but the additional memory I ordered yesterday is already here, so it was a good thing I was around.

I tried to track my Apple shipment with the courier company, but their website could not find the reference number. Bad sign

I phoned Apple who explained that their shipper couldn’t track it because it hadn’t been consigned to them yet. My new computer is in-transit somewhere in Asia and will end up in the Netherlands before arriving here at my lair in north London. It’s going to be better traveled than me!

The upshot of all this is my new computer is unlikely to arrive until the middle of next week. That’s a bummer because I’m off until Thursday night this week, which means I would have had plenty of time to play with it now.

Next week, I’m working loads, 6 nights in a row, so its not really ideal. I’ll roll with it, I’ll adapt. That’s what I always do. Besides it gives me a little bit more time to get organised and ready.

I spent the morning with Mrs. Hippy, arranging our holiday in April. It should have been easy. It wasn’t. We had real trouble finding the exact trip we wanted.

It took more than a few phone calls to more than a few agencies, as well as trying to book it online. We went for an “all inclusive” resort in the Canary Islands and ended up booking it with a small company that could give us the dates and resort we wanted. Yipppppppppeeeeeeeeeee!

The hotel has next access, so you won’t be able to escape my “special brand of drivel”. I’ll be keeping you up to date as much as I can. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through too much withdrawal!

I was tentatively planning on a little shrooming tomorrow, but I don’t think I’m going to have the time. If not, maybe next week, even Saturday night has possibilities. We’ll see.

I haven’t shroomed for a few weeks now, since the night of “my shroom hell”. I could really do with getting well and truly off my face.

I know one day soon where I will be shroomed up and ready to party with you! I bet you know it too, Saturday 19th March is the date of the big VOSS and I’m going to be wasted and available online for your entertainment and amusement all day.

As well as logging into my own special MSN chatroom, I’ll also be logged into Yahoo messenger all day. That way, if you are shy and don’t want to come into the public room, you can still get in touch with me. Think of it as total worldwide media availability with me, it will be like all your northlondonhippy dreams come true at once.

Can you stand it, fuckers?

I don’t have too much more to share today, my life’s like that sometimes. If I think of anything clever, I’ll come back, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.
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