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Saturday, March 12, 2005

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It’s nearly 5am, London time and it just occurred to me I haven’t posted anything here in my number one blog. It pains me to admit this, but I feel like I’m neglecting my hippyfans just a bit.

I don’t mean to, you are all always on mind and in my heart. Feel the love, fuckers!

My ass has been dragging a bit in the last couple of days, I haven't had nearly enough sleep. I’m going to more than make up for it this morning though as my pillows and I are going to spend some serious quality time together when I get home.

Oh, didn’t I mention that I’m at work. I’m on my fourth night out of six in a row. After that, I’ve got nothing until April, which concerns me somewhat. Mrs. H says not to worry and take it easy this month. She’s right. My colleagues think things will pick-up soon, though I’m not expecting to get booked for any more in March. So it goes.

On the plus side, it means that I’ll have plenty of time to fully immerse myself into my all new digital lifestyle. And what’s the centrepiece of my all new digital lifestyle? You haven’t forgotten already, have you?

It’s my brand new, 20” iMAC G5 supercomputer! I love it already! What’s not to love?

It’s elegantly designed, highly spec’d and has a gorgeous twenty inch screen. I’m a complete Apple convert already. Just call me a geek, but only to my face.

I’m going to order the DV camera, possibly even today, if I can stay awake long enough. And I might pick up the audio interface I’m interested in as well. There’s a discount music shop in the West End that has it at a cheaper price than you can even get it on the web! Perhaps a little journey into town may be in my future as well.

It’s not easy having an all new digital lifestyle, it requires significant amounts of research and large expenditures of cash, but that’s OK. Anything this worthwhile shouldn’t come easily.

I just can’t wait to start reaping the benefits of my all-new digital lifestyle, as soon as someone tells me exactly what they will be.

Here’s something exciting: If I manage to score the audio interface, I’m going to use it to give GarageBand a test drive. GarageBand is the music creation software which comes with the iMAC and is supposed to be pretty good. But what is it exactly I plan on recording?

Some of you will know the answer to this, because you pay attention to every word I write. Yep, you got it, my often threatened, but so far unrealised first single: “Gimme a yipppppeeee (it's the northlondonhippy!).

If I’m able to turn the song in my head into a song I can listen to, I’ll encode it as an MP3 and upload it someplace on the web where all of you hippyfans can download it.

And how much will this northlondonhippy masterwork cost you to download? Sweet fuck all!

That’s right, kids, I’m just going to give it away! How fucking lucky are you?

That’s all I seem to do is give away content. I do it here, I do it even more in the other blog and now I’m going to be giving away my own musically creations.

Damn, hippy, you sure are crazeeee!

If I can do it, I’d like to “release” my first northlondonhippy single onto the net to coincide with my upcoming first anniversary, which is this coming Friday. It could happen!

Oh, and speaking of the other blog, I had more hits on it in the last 36 hours, than I’ve had in the last 6 weeks. Yikes! Thanks to my younger brother putting the link on a couple of sites across the web, I’m doing great business and lots of repeat visitors as well. Sitemeter knows all!

Oh and I got another “fan email” on the second blog, here’s what it said:

“Just been reading your Blog – outstanding, fantastic stuff! You say somewhere you might become a hero for married men, well I think that’s a distinct possibility…..Keep up the good work, Sir!”

Hey! How come I don’t get emails like that from you hippyfans? This is my real blog, I’m the one “living that hippy lifestyle so you don’t have to”!!! Don’t I deserve some praise? Fuckin’ ayyyy, of course I do!

I know that you’re all quite shy and maybe a bit nervous about communicating directly with me. It’s not everyday you deal with “the biggest internet celebrity you’ve never heard of, but not for long.” You don’t need to fear the hippy! I’m cuddly like a puppy and I won’t shit on your carpet!

But it’s ok, you may, of course, continue to worship me from afar, unless you’re in London in which case you can do it with a bit of proximity. Just don’t come to my house, or I’ll sic the dogs on you.

Ok, not dogs, but cats. Really vicious, attack cats.

Ok, they’re not really attack cats, they’re just house cats, but one of them will give you a really nasty scratch if you don’t watch your goddamn step! Fuckers!

Are we having fun yet? I know I am. I’m having more fun than you, but then, I have more fun than everybody!

I just wish I brought a couple of spliffs with me tonight, I could have really done with some to make the time go quicker. On Thursday night, I was extremely busy, and the time flew by. Tonight, I haven’t done much more than warm my seat, but I’m getting paid well for it at least.

A colleague just invited me outside for a smoke, a cigarette if you must know, so I’m going to wrap this up right now.

Be back when I can. Just as long as you’re missing me until then.
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