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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The VOSS is just 2 days away! Did you order your shrooms? Are you ready, fuckers? Find out more here!

Hey kids, what's shakin'? Besides the pope's hands?

That was in poor taste and I'll burn in hell eternally for it. At least I'll have lots of company.

I've had an an odd day which hasn't involved very much in terms of tangible results. Well, that's not strictly true, if empty bins and clean dishes count. Of course they count!

I received my last delivery of phase 2 of my all-new digital lifestyle, some software I ordered from Apple several weeks ago. It's funny, since this was the first thing I ordered in this spate of virtual shopping, it was the last to come.

Apple are not impressing me in the fulfillment stakes, other companies I order from come across with the goodies a lot quicker. I don't mean the G5 iMac, which was assembled to order, but things like software, should not take 3 weeks!

That doesn't bode well for phase 3 shopping, which will begin when I return from my holiday in a couple of weeks.

The software that arrived today include the program I'm using to write this entry, something called "ThinkFreeOffice" which is a cheap version of Microsoft Office. Well, a cheap cut down version, but so far, it seems pretty damn good to me. It was a tenth of the price of the Microsoft version and it will do almost everything I need it to do. Result!

The other program I got for myself is an intermediate guitar tutorial since I really need to brush up and practise more. I'd like to be as good as I was twenty years ago. Strike that, I'd like to play even better than that!

Phase 3 of my all-new digital lifestyle includes Logic Express and Final Cut Express HD, as well as a Maxtor 300gb OneTouch II external FireWire/USB2 hard drive. Phase 4 is an iPOD. Currently, there is no phase 5, but I reserve the right to require extra things to complete my mini-media package.

I've spent today trying to think of a simple film I can make in the next week or so using the resources I have available to me currently, which ain't much. I'll have to do everything myself including perform. It won't be made under the hippy brand, so I'm afraid I won't be releasing this one on the net.

I've got a rough idea of what I want to do, I'll probably write out a rough script, draw some simple story boards and then try to shoot it all in one day. Once that's done, I'll edit it, add music, put it on a DVD then sit back and wait for the Oscars to pour in!

Don't you wish you were me? Doesn't everyone?

My other project is still going well, wink-wink, it's a critical week for me, so I don't want to say too much. It could all die a swift death, or in a week I could be fabulously, anonymously famous. Either way, I'm still having fun!

On Saturday, we'll all be having fun because that's when we'll all be virtually shrooming our little socks off! If you haven't heard about it, you must be living under a rock! The buzz on the net is amazing, you can feel it in your very bones.

Or is that the asshole-cunt outside with the big speakers in his car booming out the bass like a bad-ass bastard? If only guns were legal, I'd take out his speakers and his engine block. Oh and maybe his brains as well, as if he has any to shoot!

Ok, the noise has stopped and I can hear myself think again. On second thought, maybe the bad music was better since my thoughts are so weird and twisted! Maybe it's all the drugs?

It sure will be on Saturday, because I'm going to be shroomed to the motherfucking gills and available online all day for your entertainment pleasure. You can join me in my very own shroom room or send me an instant message. Saturday is all about accessibility and I'm going to be very available and very, very high!

YOU can join me, all you need is a net connection, a browser and some shrooms, though I'm making an allowance this time, any mind altering substance is permissible. Yes, that means booze too, since it is a readily available DRUG that you can all get your grubby little hands on!

I'm going to be crushed if you're not there. I need you almost as much as you need me! Please don't disappoint me, I'm counting on every hippyfan's participation!
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