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Thursday, March 03, 2005

VOSS, VOSS, VOSS. Just for *you*

I’m back to work tonight. This in and of itself is no big deal. I work quite a bit actually, about as much as someone who has a full time job, some months, even more.

I’ve been awake since about 8am. That’s not ideal, considering I need to be at work at 7:30pm and I’m there for 12 fun-filled hours. I’ll survive, I always do.

I could go back to sleep for a bit, or at least try to, but I’m not feeling tired. I’m saving that for later, once I’m at my desk. It’s not as bad as it sounds, I’m only working 2 nights this week, tonight and tomorrow. Next week, the real fun begins.

I’ve got 6 in a row, which is nearly an endurance test. I say nearly because it’s not even my limit, I’ve done lots more than that in one go. I can be pretty hardcore when it comes to work. I like to earn money.

On top of that, I’m still expecting my new Apple G5 iMAC to be delivered. Assuming I don’t sleep through the knock on the door, I won’t have that much time to set it up or play with it. That’s why I was hoping it would come this week, while I was off. Oh well, my hippy plans never work out.

There haven’t been that many of you around this week. Are you all going off me? Don’t I turn you on anymore? Are you getting your cheap laughs from someone else? Have you found someone else just as weird and twisted?

Fuck that, fuckers! No one is as weird and twisted as me! Who else is blogging their life away, every night and every day, just for you?

I’ll give you a big, fat, fucking clue: No one!

I exist purely for your pleasure. I’m like your very own personal, online jester. I don’t even charge a subscription. I wouldn’t even have a clue how to take your credit card number! Even PayPal confuses me.

I always worry when the blog has a dry spell, but I suppose I shouldn’t. The numbers go up and the numbers go down, but there’s always one constant that everyone can depend on……


That’s right kids, I’ve been here nearly a year and I don’t see any sign of my online megalomania stopping. If anything, it’s only going to get WORSE!

My world-wide-web domination remains in its infancy, one day soon, the whole world will revolve around me! And you’ll be all smug and condescending to everyone you know. You’ll have earned the right, since you’ve been a hippyfan longer than anyone else, to boast that you got down with the hippy on the ground floor!

Dig it, fuckers!

And what northlondonhippy entry would be complete without a mention of my other, super-secret, fictitious blog? To be honest, I think I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall with it.

Not the story, per se, but the entire experience. It looked like it was about to take off, but its kind of hit a plateau. I’ve still got loads of regulars who check it several times a day for updates (and are disappointed) but I haven’t gotten any links in any major newspapers or websites.

That’s what I was aiming for with it, as wide an audience as possible. It didn’t happen and now that the story is nearly over, I’m running out of steam. I’ll still finish it, but I’m starting to feel like my prank didn’t play as well as I had hoped.

I might even go back to my original plan, which was to finish the story and then reveal myself as the evil genius behind the blog. Worse comes to worse, I could still do that. I still have to chase the literary agent, but my gut tells me that if someone wanted to try to pedal it to a publisher, they would chase me.

At least it was fun to write.

And speaking of anniversaries, as well as the soon to be celebrated 1st anniversary of the northlondonhippy blog, today is another, sadder milestone for me.

It’s six months today that my father died.

I spent a good portion of the early days of this blog bleating on about my father’s health and then last September, his death. I know I promise you all fun, fun, FUN all the time, but this event, this action, had a big effect on me.

The death of a parent has an effect on everyone, even at my advanced age. I’m not going to relive it all for you now, and I guess I’m only mentioning it because I’m still aware of the passage of time. It’s not making it any easier.

I still miss you, Dad, I guess I always will.

Staying on my cheery death theme, I read today that when Hunter Thompson shot himself, he left a piece of paper in the typewriter next to where he was seated. On that piece of paper, right in the center, was one word, typed. That word was: “counselor”.

There’s no way of knowing what the good doctor meant by this. Perhaps it was just meant to confuse us, or just to amuse himself. Having read most of what he’d written, I’d opt for the latter. You can check out the full article in the Guardian RIGHT HERE.

I read another article, which stated that, the spirit of Hunter’s style, his “gonzo journalism” will live on through bloggers. I thought that was cool and maybe a little bit truthful.

I’m not going to sit here and claim that I’m carrying on his legacy that would be hubris even beyond my capability. If I could capture one tenth of one percent of his genius, I’d consider myself very lucky indeed.

Anyway kids, that ought to hold you for a little while.

I guess it must be really annoying to check my page for a new entry, only to discover I haven’t written one. I’ll make more of effort, blah, blah, blah. You know the truth, I write something when I can and my promises to do more aren’t worth shit.
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