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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

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Just a flying visit, because I’m at work and the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is just starting on Channel 4. Yes, I’m watching it while I’m at my desk, doesn’t your boss let you watch extreme horror while you’re working.

No? Sounds like you need a new boss.

I know I’m always telling you that I’m having more fun than you, but as you can see, its true. If only they’d let us watch hardcore porn as well, then you’d be convinced.

Thankfully it’s not looking that busy this evening, so I can pretty much do as I please, unless something happens. Something can always happen, that’s just the way it is.

The problem with working tonight is that I’ve had to leave my brand new 20” G5 iMAC at home. It truly is the centrepiece of my all-new digital lifestyle. I’m really glad I bought it and I can’t wait till my life is improved simply by owning it. It won't be long now.

Happiness comes through consumer purchases, didn't you know that? Don't you watch television?

There’s a lot more of you around again this week and I want to welcome all my new visitors. It seems something I signed up for a while ago, is finally paying off.

I belong to a system called SimpleAds, run by a company called Pheedo. Basically, its like a link exchange, I display ads on my blog and earn credits every time I do. In return, they run ads for my blog on loads of other blogs.

I’m supposed to get 2/3’s of a credit for every ad that’s displayed on my blog. There are 2 ads per page, so every time someone looks at my blog, I should get 1 and 1/3 credits. I’m also supposed to spend one credit every time my ad is shown.

Now, here’s where it gets confusing, as my ads (I have 12 of them) have been displayed around 20,000 times in the last week. I haven’t had 10,000 hits here (only in my dreams) so I don’t know why I’m getting all this free publicity.

Does it matter? Maybe someone high-up at Pheedo is a secret hippyfan and they’re making sure I get the attention I so richly deserve!

Remember kids, I’m blogging my life away, every night and every day, just for Y-O-U!

You should be down with the hippy anyway, I’m “the most shroomtastic stoner on the internet” I’m the “biggest internet celebrity you’ve never heard of”, but not for long. 2005 is the year of the hippy.

So again, welcome to my new visitors and thanks for coming by. It doesn’t matter how you found this blog, just so long as you’re here!

You’re now confirmed as a card carrying member of the vanguard of the internet elite! Well done you for getting this far!

Now that you’re here, you should really bookmark me, so you can come back again and again. Even better, grab the RSS/ATOM feed, so you don’t have to come to the hippy, you can make the hippy come to you!

The name of the game around here is fun and boy, do we have lots of it! I do my best to bring some happiness and joy to your otherwise bleak and dreary existences and mostly I succeed.

Are you having fun yet? Of course you are, fuckers!

A bit of bad news to share with you all, I heard back from the literary agent I’ve been in contact with…she said she can’t do anything with my other, super-secret, fictitious blog. That’s ok, I was expecting that.

I don’t really think she grasped the concept of my blog, or blogs in general. One of her criticisms was that it was written “in real time”. Well, duh! It’s a blog and inherently in its structure is the need for it to be written “in the now”. That’s the whole bloody point!

I’m cool with it, as with any project I might work on, I’d want anyone else involved to understand it and be enthusiastic about it. The problem is, I don’t have any other contacts in the literary world. Perhaps I should turn my attention to television…? There could be a series in it, if I just toned down the graphic sexual content somewhat.

I haven’t written a new entry in the other blog in nearly a week, I’m overdue. I’ve lost a bit of enthusiasm for it, but I’ll re-motivate myself, maybe even tonight.

I’m still torn on what to do with it next. Do I finish the story and just leave it on the net? Do I reveal the northlondonhippy as the evil genius behind it? Do I try to pimp it out even more. I don’t know, maybe it’s an amusing idea that’s not meant to be successful.

As an experiment, it has been very successful. I have an audience of hardcore regulars who check the page several times a day in the hopes of an update. They are often disappointed, but they still check again and again.

People think my character is real, they email him and leave plenty of comments on the blog. If I reveal myself as the creator of this fiction, is it going to anger and alienate my hardcore fans? It’s a tough one.

I already have a sequel in mind, I’ve even registered the name on Blogger. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions, hints, or offers of a book deal would be gratefully received. You know how to reach me, on my usual email,

Also, if you have any thoughts on how I could get the mainstream media to pick up on the other blog, please let me know. I haven’t given up on it yet.

Speaking of promotions, I’ve decided to use the upcoming 1st anniversary of this blog as an excuse to try to promote it some more. I’m drafting an exciting and crazeeeee press release which I will email to the entire UK print media. Don’t worry, since no one ever writes about me in the newspaper, I’m going to post it here, once it’s ready.

Oh and I forgot to send a shout out to Dave Bones, who was kind enough to leave some comments on my blog recently. He runs a website called SOCIALIST WANKER which is a pretty damn good site and worthy of your valuable surfing time. Thanks for taking the time to leave your note, Dave.

I love getting feedback from hippyfans, so if you’ve like to see your name mentioned and receive a big-up from the hippy, all you need to do is leave me some (positive) comments or email me.

I answer all my emails personally, since it’s my secretary’s lifetime off! Sorry, I’m still not doing signed photos. Maybe in my next lifetime!

See, I’ve written more than I expected yet again. Time to go back to work. Stay cool, stay high, stay hippyfans eternally!
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