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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

When’s the VOSS? This Saturday! Who’s gonna be there? Only the coolest of the cool! How do I find out more? Click here, fuckers!

I’ll admit to being just a little bit excited by the big fuck-off VOSS this Saturday. Perhaps it’s just that I haven’t shroomed in a while, but I’m really looking forward to the big online party. I hope you’re planning on attending; it just wouldn’t be the same without Y-O-U!

Unexpectedly, I find myself at work tonight. Someone else’s illness is my financial good news. I only got the call around lunchtime, so I’ve been awake all goddamn day. I’m really feeling it right now. I’ve been passing out right around this time every night, so it’s going to be a struggle to make it till morning and my long-ish drive home through rush-hour traffic.

I’ll survive, I always do, but I’ll be desperate for my bed by then. If you listen closely right now, you can even hear my pillows calling out “hippy, hippy, hippy!”

Considering how light my schedule is this month (and next), I should be grateful for the extra night of work. Trust me, I am.

That’s the problem working freelance, some months are better than others. I get paid only for what I do and I don’t get paid if I don’t get booked. Normally I get plenty, but it’s thin right now. It shouldn’t last, I’ve still got more toys to buy!

Speaking of toys, I’m still waiting for the software I ordered from Apple and my Edirol UA-25. I wish the UA-25 would come, then I could start playing around with GarageBand. And I could finally record my first single, “Gimme a Yipppeee”. No doubt, once released it will storm the charts straight to number one. You won’t need to buy it; I’m going to give it away for free!

I picked up the wide-angle lens adaptor for my camcorder today. It is not the best one money could buy, but it will do. I gave it a quick test drive and it appears to add 20-30% to the widest shot I can get. That will make a big difference when I’m shooting in my small, narrow house.

I’ve got an embryonic idea for my next little film, starring me. I want to properly script it out and shoot in the next week or so. I’ll cut it on iMovie, just to keep it simple, though I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Final Cut Express HD in the very near future.

All I seem to do these days is go on and on about all my new electronics. I’d apologise, but the truth is my all-new digital lifestyle is taking over my life! Trust me, it’s great! When you all see some results, you’ll believe me!

Anyway, I’ve got work to do, places to go, people to see. Catch ya later.
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