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Monday, March 21, 2005

You’ve waited long enough...the big VOSS is this Saturday! Are you ready?

Sometimes I’m so undermotivated, I even surprise myself. I had loads I could have done today, but did I do it? Like fuck I did.

I was up early. I started out ready to rock, I was back from the supermarket with a whole load of shopping before 9:30am. And then...

Nothing. I’ve done sweet FA all day.

I’ve felt tired and lethargic, I still do.

I’ve been up early every day for the last week and to bed early every night as well. I’ve become dull. Either that or somethings up.

Or it could be something else.

Or it could be nothing.

Or I could just continue to speak in riddles until you punch me in the face.

I actually have done a little more than just make it to the supermarket. I tried to go into central London today as well. I say tried, because my local tube line was closed due to a malfunction and it was pure hell on earth around my part of north London.

I had a good wander around my local high street and managed to find something I was looking for, but I need to go collect it tomorrow. It’s the cheaper of the 2 wide-angle adaptors for my camcorder. Without it, I can’t really film in my house.

I’m hoping to make a film this week, just something short, weird and twisted. We’ll see. At least I’ll have the right lens adaptor for the job. And it’s not the expensive one. Yippppeeee.

I have to say, right now, at this juncture, that I am really looking forward to the big VOSS this Saturday. I haven’t shroomed in quite a while now, not since my shroom hell, which is nearly 2 months ago now I suspect.

I’m terrible judging the passage of time, most of my life seems like it was only last week. That includes my childhood and whatever it was I was doing an hour ago. It’s all a bit hazy.

I still haven’t received my Edirol UA-25, which is a bummer. The company its coming from said they would have them in stock at the end of this week. If they don’t, I’ll cancel the order and try someplace else. I’ll even try Edirol if I have to, but they are not the cheapest.

This hippy digs a bargain! I love buying shit at rock bottom prices and am the king of shopping around for the best price.

I saved loads on my camcorder and accessories, just buy checking around for the best deal. Never pay the recommended retail price, kids!

Something’s up with my other blog and I’m not sure what. I’ve had loads of hits on it today and I can’t figure out the source. My guess is that people are emailing the URL around the net, and if you click on it from an email, it doesn’t come up as anything in SpyMeter.

I’m due to make another entry on that one, nearly over-due, but I just couldn’t focus on it today. I will get to it in the next couple of days, I’m sure.

I still want to wrap it up soon and I think if I’m clever I can pull it off in 2 more entries. Always leave them wanting more!

Except here, where you are all seeming to need me less and less. My hitcounter is barely moving. What did I do this time to piss you all off?

I promise I won’t do it again, fuckers!

One thing I’ve learned in over a year of blogging my life away is that the numbers go up and the numbers go down and nothing I do seems to have any effect on it.

I suppose if I offered a million pound prize, people would become regular visitors, until I actually gave the prize away.

Hey, that’s given me an idea. Why don’t I run a contest where I give away one million pounds.

What’s the catch?

The prize draw would be set for the 1st of January 2199.

So go on, enter as often as you wish. As long as we’re both still alive in 194 years, I’ll hand over that cheque for a million quid. Until then, you’ll just have to put up with more of my special brand of drivel.

Can you stand it till then, fuckers?
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