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Saturday, April 02, 2005

The big giant fuck off VOSS is here! That's right kids, it's today!

To join the fun, all you need is a Yahoo account and a Java-enabled browser. Before you know it you'll be joining me in the northlondonhippy shroom room!

To join the VOSS right now, click

H E R E ! ! ! !

Once you click on that link, you will be brought to the Yahoo sign-in page. Log in with your Yahoo ID and password and then you will get a page to join my group. It will only take you a minute and you don't have to fill out everything. There's no approval process, once you complete the form, you will be taken to the main page, from their click on the "CHAT" link on the left-hand side. That will launch Java and the chatroom software and before you know it, you'll be partying with me!

Need more info about the big VOSS, click HERE!

Want to find out absolutely anything else, click HERE!

Ok, sorry about that last one, I'm just pissing about.

So here's the deal, for the length of the VOSS, this entry will sit at the very top of my blog. Once the VOSS finishes, I'll post another entry announcing it is over with a nice post-mortem on the day's amazing fun. And it will be fun, dammit!

I haven't taken my shrooms yet, but I will be soon. But don't let that stop you, if you've got your shrooms or any other mind altering substance, just go for it! Get high, get online and have a great time with me, the re-annointed "most shroomtastic stoner on the internet"!

So let's have some fun fuckers! Let's have a VOSS!
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