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Monday, April 11, 2005

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It’s indeed a very sad day for this hippy as today is the day that fresh, magic mushrooms have become illegal in the UK.

There was no fanfare, or barely even an announcement. The traditional media seems to have ignored this story and the drug bill. This is the only place you can read about it. This is where the tragedy will be commemorated.

Stop press! Before I write my eulogy on shrooms, check out what I found on my favourite headshop website,

“Following the shock announcement on Friday 8th April, that the UK Drugs Bill had circumvented the usual scrutiny and attained 'Royal Assent', we have received word that the UK Home Office may be postponing clause 21, which reclassifies magic mushroom products as class A drugs; pending the inclusion of exemption for wild mushrooms.

Does this mean that our beloved mushroom products are still available for sale?
For now, yes.

We'll keep you updated.”

I hope they don’t mind the cut & paste job I’ve just done, but they seem to be the only place to get up to date news on the subject!

Sorry, I just popped on to the the forums on EveryOneDoesIt and it seems that they have screwed the law up already! If you had wild magic mushrooms growing in your garden, through no fault of your own, you could be charged with possession of a Class A drug and sentenced to 14 years! Ooops.

I came online to write a loving tribute to my favourite drug on the day they made them illegal and low and behold, I’ve discovered that the bill has been delayed until July. That gives me some extra time to prepare.

Also, home growing could continue to be a grey area, which means that all is not lost.

Yippppeeee, my shrooming days are not over yet!
as long as marijuana is legal it's allll good.
oh wait...
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