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Monday, April 11, 2005

Gmails, get your Gmails here! I’ve still got loads, want one? Click here!

That’s right fuckers, this craze hippy is still giving away the Gmail invites. If you want one, just click on the above link and I’ll send it to you asap! There going fast, but not so fast that I can’t give you one. Try me, if I run out, I’ll let you know here in my blog. Go on, you know you wanna!

I’m at work tonight, making a guest appearance. That’s what I call one night on its own, a guest appearance. Ain’t I funny? Don’t answer that.

Once I finish this morning, I’m not back for about a week and a half. On Wednesday, I’m flying out to Fuertaventura for a week in the sun with Mrs.H. I’ve got a bit of running around to do tomorrow and Tuesday, and a few things to do around the house as well before I go, but overall, it’s looking like smooth sailing for the next few days.

I’m looking forward to taking my new camcorder with me to make a fun film about my trip starring Mrs. Hippy. And when I get back, the shopping spree will continue!

I’m going to be ordering the following when I return:
1) Final Cut Express HD
2) Logic Express
3) Toast Titanium
4) Maxtor One Touch II, 300gb USB/Firewire external hard drive
5) GarageBand Jam Packs 3 & 4 (poss only, to be decided)

The new additions to the list are Toast Titanium and the Garage Band expansion packs. Toast is what you use on a MAC to burn CDs, VCDs and DVDs with a bit more control than other programs and the Jam Packs add additional instruments and loops to Logic Express and Garage Band. The 2 Jam Packs I’m looking give you additional drum beats (#3) and symphony orchestra loops (#4), which would be useful for scoring films and things.

I’ve decided to go for the big external drive as well, since it is a really useful device to have when cutting video and working with audio. It can also back up my entire operating system too.

The 2 main purchases are the software applications, Final Cut Express HD and Logic Express. They are both cut-downs of the pro versions, but will be more than powerful enough for a twat like me!

After my holiday, I plan on kick-starting my new creative endeavours in a very big way. First off, I’ll be editing my holiday film. Then I’m going to dive head first into the music creation AND then I’m going to make my next film masterpiece. It’s going to be loads of fun!

The biggest news is I’m back on track with my other blog and will be wrapping that up in the next fortnight or less. Once that’s done, I’ll have a lot more time to play around and move in other directions. Yipppeee to that!

Anyway, enough of this bollocks, I should do some proper work. I’ll post again before I leave for the holiday and I’m aiming to do some blogging from net cafés while I’m away, so normal service will continue uninterrupted. How lucky are you?
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