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Thursday, April 07, 2005

I’ve still got Gmails to give away! Want one? Click here!

Finally, a promotion that’s got people excited! I wish I’d thought of this Gmail thing ages ago. It’s cool that some of you have taken me up on this limited time offer. I’ve got plenty more left, but once they’re gone, that’s it, the promotion ends.

I wish I had 50 new cars to give away, but I’m not Oprah. I’m glad I’m not Oprah though. She might be rich, but she’s also really dull.

I’ve got some bad news to share with you. While everyone’s been distracted by the election announcement, the commons and lords have approved the stupid new anti-drug bill, which includes the reclassification of fresh magic mushrooms. The bill is now waiting for “royal assent@, whatever that means.

What it means is that my favourite legal drug is about to be put in the same category as coke, crack and smack! Fucking motherfucking cunts!

I’m not sure when the ban will come into force, but I expect it won’t be long. It’s such a stupid thing to do. Who I feel the sorriest for are the retailers, who found a niche business and were making big money like good capitalists should! This law is more anti-business than anti-drugs.

This puts me in a quandary. Do I try to find an illegal source for shrooms? Do I learn to grow my own from scratch? Or do I just give up on my favourite funny fungus? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I’m quite upset about this actually. I was sort of hoping that the anti-drug bill would get lost in the shuffle when Blair asked the queen to dissolve parliament. I’m not that lucky.

I’m still at work, I’ve got a couple more hours to go. I’ll catch you guys later.

Don’t forget the free Gmails!
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