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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The northlondonhippy is pleased to announce his next wacky promotion! Only this time, it's not as wacky as you might expect. I've actually got something you might want...

I’ve got 50 Gmail invitations to hand out to all my most loyal hippyfans!

That’s right, kids, you can have a free invitation to set up your own Gmail account.

Don’t know about Gmail?

What! Do you live in a vacuum? It’s only the most happening web-based email in the entire known world! And it's provided free by my good friends at Google.

Remember, Google knows everything so you don't have to!

Gmail gives you 2gb of storage, so you’ll never have to delete anything, ever again. Unless you want to because your webstalker figured out that you’ve got new email address!

Gmail has more features than this hippy can list. Trust me, it’s the dog’s bollocks. If the hippy digs it, you know it’s good!

How do you get one?

Simple. Send an email to me on with "Gimme a Gmail you crazeee hippy!" in the subject line and I’ll send the invitation to you straight away.

There’s no contest this time, no costs, no strings and no catch.

I just want to give away some Gmail accounts! And Google would want them to go to hippyfans anyway. You're all trendsetters, people who matter, just the sort of folks that Google would like to have showing off their excellent email service.

The offer is for a limited time only, basically once I run out of invites, that’s it. This party’s over, the ship will have sailed, so don’t email me tomorrow, do it now!

You see, the hippy is always trying to think of new ways to improve your life!

(This offer is not sponsored by Google, but if they would like to, I wouldn’t say no to large amounts of cash, Google stock, or consumer electronics or pretty much anything they might like to offer. Except websearches, I get them free already....from Google!)
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