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Thursday, May 19, 2005

I’ve still got GMAILS! Loads of them! Want one? Click right here, right now!

Hey fuckers, I’m back. Did you miss me?


If you did, why didn’t you email or leave me an affirming comment?

The really weird thing is that during my fortnight respite from this blog, the number of visitors has actually increased. Go figure.

I took a total break from writing for nearly the entire time, though I did make a brief entry in the other blog. I know I said that one was finished and it is, but I need to re-organise it a bit, so I did.

I’ve missed writing, but it doesn’t mean I’ve been bone idle, far from it. I’ve been getting my head around Final Cut Express and Logic Express. Both are fairly powerful and complicated pieces of software.

Logic Express hasn’t been a problem, well to be fair, neither has been a problem. But…Final Cut Express sure is complicated! I bought a book for Dummies, which is how I’ve felt playing with it. Don’t worry, I’ll be an expert in no time!

I’ve still got a few things to trouble shoot though, including particularly low audio levels from my microphone. As always, time is what I don’t ever seem to have enough of!

I’m thinking of recording some music under the northlondonhippy name. I think I should extend my brand beyond blogging. Would you buy a northlondonhippy album?

You won’t need to, because if I record anything I like, I’ll release it on the net for free! That includes my much delayed, but much anticipated first single, “Gimme a yipppeee (it’s the northlondonhippy). I bet you can’t wait to boogie-down on that little number. And if you do download it, I strongly suggest you get as high as possible first. After all, that’s the state I’ll be in when I record it!

Speaking of drugs, which is pretty much what I do here all the time, one of the latest Google-draws into my blog is the quest for information on Clause 21 of the new drug act here in the UK which is due to make my beloved magic mushrooms illegal.

Here, if you want news, check out this recent article from my favourite newspaper, the Guardian: CLICK ME FUCKER!

It seems like the government is just as confused and ass-backward on the subject as always. Did you read it, did you, did you?

I haven’t shroomed in a while, but if I’m lucky, I’m going to take a little voyage in the next week. I’m in the middle of a long run of shifts, I’m on my 6th shift out of 7 tonight, out of 8 days. Come Friday morning, I’m free for about a week. There will be shrooming! Oh yes!

I’m still enjoying my Kanna extract and would recommend it if you like a nice euphoric rush. Think about a more natural, milder feel than coke or MDMA. It’s very pleasant, cheap and legal! Could you ask for something better?

You could, but no one is going to give it to you.

Now for my final bit of business, the future of this blog. As I said in my last posting, I wanted to spend a fortnight considering my options and I have. I don’t want to end this blog, so I’m not going to, but I am change my approach.

I’m thinking of making the blog a weekly. My reasoning is simple, the blog would continue, but I wouldn’t feel the pressure of having to write something nearly every day. This approach worked on my other, fictional blog, so I think it might not be a bad idea for this one.

If any of you, my ever loyal hippyfans, have any thoughts on this, I’d certainly be interested in hearing your views.

Anyway, it’s good to be back, I’ve missed writing, but mainly I missed all of you!
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