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Sunday, June 05, 2005

As part of my effort to write more, here I am, ready to blog just for you! Don't wet yourself from the excitement!

I've just finished a spliff AND I just swallowed about .25 grams of Kanna extract. It's quite euphoric and reminds me of a mild "E" or maybe a bit like taking some charlie. Also, it's cheap, it's legal and you can buy it online. I've been digging it lately.

Always go for the extract if you have a choice, it's stronger, which means you can take less to feel more!

The other legal high I've been enjoying is the Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile, also known as Blue Lotus Flowers, which is also cheap, legal and easy to get. The effects of the blue lotus flower are similar to a narcotic, it's a bit like taking strong cough medicine with codeine, or some other codeine like pain medication. You can smoke it in a spliff or make tea from it. I've found the effects are stronger with the tea, you brew about 4-5 grams of it in hot water for around ten minutes for one cup of strong brew. Strain out the leaves, sweeten it with honey, and drink it right down. It will taste slightly bitter and a bit flowery, but it's not unpleasant.

Both kanna and the lotus flower tea take around 20 minutes or more to hit you, depending upon how empty your belly is of food. The kanna will make you feel up, up, up...! The tea will make you go very quiet and introspective. I've not discovered any unpleasant side effects from either substance, they are both relatively mild, pleasant and enjoyable.

Kanna extract and Blue Lotus Flower tea are this week's hippy legal high tips! Dig it, fuckers!

As if I give hippy legal high tips every week. Ha!

I didn't shroom this weekend. I might do next weekend, as I'm off on Friday and Saturday and Mrs. H will be away visiting relatives. I've got to stick around since our little kitten is way too young to be left unattended. I wonder what she'll make of me all shroomed to the gills!

Ooooooh, the kanna's just starting to kick in. Lovely.

Check this shit out! Here's some good news about weed! I'm not surprised, I've known for years that spliff is beneficial for things like depression, anxiety and just about anything else that ails you!

But was that story on the front pages of all the papers this week? Of course not, they only reserve that space for stories that claim marijuana causes mental illness, not that it can cure them. That's why you come to the hippy, so I can tell you the truth!

And I am truthfully digging this year's Big Brother, here in the UK. What a collection of wanna-be weirdo's. It makes excellent television and if you haven't been watching it, you're really missing out! It's my hippy tv tip of the week!

As if I give hippy tv tips every week! Ha!

I'm a big fan of the Big Brother format, I think it's as near to perfect as a television format can get on every level, from the production side to the business side right to where I sit on the viewing side. It's modern life in the media made into a factory. What's not to love?

I'm not going to bore you with my views on the specifics of this year's crop of losers or anything like that. Instead, I'm going to direct you to my favourite Big Brother related website, called DIGITAL SPY. It's a website dedicated to electronic media and includes a section on reality tv, where Big Brother UK features. It's called DS:BB and it has news, columnists and one of the best user-forums going. Don't bother with the official C4 site, stick to this one. It's my hippy tip website of the week!

As if I give a hippy website tip of the week, every week! Ha!

See, when I make an effort, I don't just entertain, I inform as well! How motherfuckinggoddamn lucky are you!

See, I'm back, I'm bad and I'm all you need to feel fufilled in your otherwise bleak and dreary lives! "I'm blogging my life away, every night and every day, just for Y-O-U!"
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