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Monday, June 27, 2005

I really don't have that much to say, I'm not certain even why I logged into Blogger.

I've got about an hour and half left at work, then I'm off until the middle of next month. It's not my idea, there's just no work to be had, which occasionally is the life of a freelancer. I'd rather be working and earning, but it ain't up to me.

I'm back in that mode of thinking of absolutely winning topics to write about here, then forgetting them when it comes time to write something. Ho hum.

I'm having second thoughts about shrooming on Saturday during Live8. Why? Simple, because in the middle of all the really cool and groovy music, they will show me video of starving African children, which is upsetting enough when sober. Imagine being shroomed to the gills while seeing it, it could be a real downer.

Which I appreciate is the entire point of those sorts of pictures, to depress you and make you want to donate money, or time, or food, or something. Shrooms would only make those feelings more extreme, so I don't know how clever this idea is. I'll decide on the day.

I'm sure there's plenty of other stuff I could write about this morning, but I'm not really feeling myself. Sometimes life is more complicated than people let on, mine especially.

Anyway fuckers, I'm making it a short term goal to post something here of merit this week. Keep your eyes peeled for this amazing, posting. It will take your breath away!
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