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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm the hippy who can't be beat...
Check out my blog and you're in for a treat...
As long as I'm high, life's always sweet...
But I can't write poetry to save my seat!

What a load of shite, eh fuckers?

To be honest (and I always am), I'm just killing a bit of time at the end of a long and dull nightshift. I'm out the door in about 20 minutes and ready to confront London's rush hour traffic as I make my way home.

The thing about working overnights is that you are always travelling against the rest of the world. When I'm heading in, everyone else is going home. When I go home, everyone else in the world is heading to work. You'd think that might make my journeys easier, but you would be wrong.

Here in London, people are always going in both directions, which makes my commuting miserable. If there were no other cars on the road, I could make it back to my north London lair in around 15-20 minutes. It will take me 45 minutes to an hour when I leave this morning. Damn all you other drivers!

But that's ok, because I dig working nights. It suits my weird and twisted lifestyle, though what would suit me more is being independently wealthy and just chilling out at home, writing, recording music and making my weird little videos.

Speaking of which, I cut a short promo for my holiday video, mainly for something to do on Final Cut Express HD. It's about 1 minute in length and nothing that exciting. Mainly it's one of the "extras" I'm going to include on the special edition of my forthcoming DVD, along with some out-takes and a "making of" film as well. How exciting!

Now here's the really cool thing I did, I encoded the video as a 3GPP file.

Don't know what 3GPP is? How about 3GP2? No? Ok, here we go...

They are both file standards for video on a mobilephone. It's a compression that makes a video that can be played back on most up-to-date mobiles.

I was able to re-encode my promo to 3GPP, then I used Bluetooth to send it from my iMac to my Sony Ericsson S700i and presto, I could watch my video on my phone. How fucking cool is that?

What it means is that I can now create video content for mobile phones. Now all I need to do is think of stuff I can make that people would pay a quid to download. Get a million people to download and pay for it and I'm a rich hippy!

The only thing people would pay for is porn, so if you're some hot chick in London and you wouldn't mind degrading yourself in front of my video camera....

Ok, let's forget that idea!

But I have another next wild and wacky promotion.....!

How would you like to win a DVD copy of my wild and wacky holiday video? Once the special edition is finished, I think I'm going to run a contest to give it away! Yes, you read that right, the hippy is getting ready to give away more content, for free! I'm crazeee like that!

So what do you think? Would you like to win a copy of my holiday video? If you do, watch this space! Once it's finished, I'll provide details for the contest. I'll even post the DVD to you anywhere in the world, for free!

Hippy, you really are the gitchiest!

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