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Thursday, June 16, 2005

It was a holiday too far…and you can win the exclusive, special edition DVD…”Fuerteventura! A holiday too far!” just by clicking here and following the simple instructions! Someone has to win it, why not let it be you?

I must be mad, clinically insane even, to be giving away my holiday DVD as a prize in a contest, but then you all knew that a long time ago. So did I, way hey!

I’ve loaned a copy to a couple of my colleagues at work, for their critical assessment of my work and the feedback has been universally positive. With the exception of a slight technical problem, a drift in the the audio sync on some of the longer clips, it was “thumbs-up” all around.

I’m working on sorting out the lip-sync problem, which in the first case means tracking down where it’s coming from. Basically, I cut the video in Final Cut Express HD, I export it using Quicktime compression, THEN I burn the video onto a DVD with iDVD and somewhere in one of those steps, this slight loss of sync is occurring. Boring, boring, boring!

I thought I was done with all this, but I want to fix it before I give away that desirable copy to one lucky hippyfan and I will! Technology will not defeat me!

I’m at work right now and I’m nice. How nice for me. It’s my last night of four, then I’m off for around 9 days. Yippppeeee to that, fuckers! Except not working, means not earning and that’s not ideal. But it is the life of a freelancer who exists on the crumbs thrown from the grown-up’s table!

I do alright, really. Except this month, they fucked up my timesheet, which means I didn’t get 2/3’s of what they owed me! Could you exist on a third of your normal monthly pay? I didn’t think so, but I should be OK. They said they would fix it next month, but that’s not really ideal, is it? Fuck ‘em, they can try to drag me down, but they won’t fucking win!

My plan for my time off is to get my head around Logic Express and start getting my musical skills back up to scratch and then some. I haven’t forgotten about my promise to finally record and release my future number one single, “Gimme a yipppeee, (I’m the northlondonhippy).

I’ve even got a couple of lyrics:

Everything’s always alright…
As long as I’m high as a kite…
So gimme a yipppeee
Gimmee a yippee
I’m the northlondonhippy!

It will hit the Billboard charts straight in at number one, with a bullet, whatever the fuck that means!

Anyway kids, I’ve got work to do and women to oogle. What is oogling anyway? Catch ya later, fuckers!
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