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Monday, June 13, 2005

This is a flying visit, my hippy-wheels will barely be touching the ground.

I’m at work, first night of three, yawn, I’m tired, bored and a bit grumpy. Mrs. H has been visiting relatives since Saturday and she’s not back until Tuesday. That means my adorable little kitten has been on her own all night tonight and will be alone again on Monday night, while I’m working.

I know I’m a worrier, worrying is what I do best. I’m sure my little kitten is fine, but I’ve been concerned for her all night. She hasn’t been left alone this long since she moved in and since I’m keeping her locked away from my other 2 cats, she doesn’t even have them for company.

I know I’m being silly, but I can’t wait to get home and see if she’s OK. I might even let her spend the day in the bedroom with me, though that could be a bad idea, if she tries to wake me up all day. I don’t know what to do. I just can’t wait to see her.

Enough kitten nonsense, I’m insane, but consistent with it, so that’s ok.

I finally finished my holiday video, or DVD to be more precise. As well as the nearly 11 minute edit, I’ve also included 2 bonus extras on the “special edition.” They are the 1 minute trailer for the film, plus 3 minutes of out-takes of Mrs. H being silly in front of the camera. For a first effort, it actually came out pretty damn good.

Now here’s the cool thing, my latest promotion. As I’m always looking for new ways to pimp my bloggin’ ass here online, I’ve decided my next BIG contest will be a give-away of the special edition of my holiday video! That’s right, you’ll be able to win a copy of my new DVD, “Fuerteventura! A holiday too far!” It will be like all your northlondonhippy dreams have all come true at once! How lucky will you be if you win the DVD.

Details on how to enter the big contest will be forthcoming later this week. The lucky winner will receive a free copy of my DVD in the post and I’ll even pay for the postage myself. Hippy, you do treat your fans just too well!

And here, check out this article from this week’s Sunday Times. The guy who wrote it sure does make sense, but then that’s because he’s saying what I’ve been saying for fucking years. Legalise everything and make the world a better place. What are they waiting for? This hippy has spoken.

I was going to shroom on Saturday night, but elected to have a Malaysian take-away instead. Perhaps not the hippest choice of activities, but it was the right thing to do at the time. I’m sure I’ll be shrooming again very soon, maybe even this weekend!

Anyway, enough of my drivel, I’ve got work to do. Catch ya later, fuckers!
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