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Friday, June 03, 2005

Time's up fuckers, no more Gmails. You'll have to wait for my next wild and wacky promotion. I don't even know what it will be myself!

You know, I wouldn't object if you reported me to the authorities for willful negelct of my beloved hippyfans. I'm shit, there I said it. Someone had to.

I've been quite a megalomaniac for the last week or so, battling with Final Cut Express HD, from here known as FCE for short. FCE is Apple's video editing software package, it's a cut down, cheaper version of the pro one and is complicated as fuck. Well, not any more, this hippy has cracked it!

I finished cutting my first FCE film, which was using footage shot in Fuerteventura recently while I was on holiday with my widescreen DV camera and my cameraphone. I had loads of problems, but managed to sort out or work around them and actually have a finished version.

I could tweak it somemore and probably will but I felt I needed to get something fairly finished on a DVD because of one of my problems...

Right after I finished my initial edit and voice over, my source clips vanished unexpectedly from my hardrive. I don't know how, why or where they went, but they were there one second and gone the next! Holy mother of fuck!

The software has an easy way to recapture from scratch and reconnect it to your project, but this wouldn't work for me because of some simple technical mistakes I made when I shot my footage. The problem was a lack of pre-roll, because I didn't record any on my tape, blah blah blah.

The long and the short of it is that I had to recapture the source video from scratch and then repaint my entire project. The whole thing took 4 hours to do. Fucking hell. I then spent another probably 8 hours tweaking the video, adding music, adjusting the final mix, rendering and burning test copies. This shit eats up serious amounts of time!

I've had loads of trouble exporting anamorphic widescreen PAL and getting Quick Time or iDVD to recognise it. The only way I can easily get my video to play in widescreen on my tv is to stretch the image on my television. It's hardly elegant, but there doesn't seem to be an easy way around it until Apple fix the bug.

Well that's about 12 hours of my week covered, what about the rest?

I've been hanging out with my kitten, doing other boring stuff around the house, smoking dope. What haven't I been doing? Shrooming. Writing. Playing or recording music. That's all going to change this weekend,

My plan is to cut a promo length version of my holiday video, more for practise than anything else. I might even do a making of video as well, then I can put extras on the final DVD, cool huh?

I'm also planning my next film, which will be a short thriller starring me. I'm serious.

I'm going to do another entry on my other blog, just to keep people interested.

I'm going to put some more effort into marketting it as well.

I'm going to decide on my next long term writing project and start on it.

I'm going to attempt to put an hour or two into playing music daily, practising and recording. I could use some copyright free music for some of my future films and it would be cool if I could provide it.

That sounds ambitious, what about this blog though? Are you saving a little time for your hippyfans?

You're right, of course. I'll do my best to drop by when I can, but if my recent track record is anything to go by, don't hold your breath!
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