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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Want to win a copy of the hippy's latest DVD? Click here for details!

Yes, you read right, fuckers! I'm giving away a copy of my latest DVD, the special edition of "Fuerteventura! A holiday too far!" to one lucky hippyfan and I defy anyone to stop me!

I've tried to give away my car, I've handed out handfuls of Gmail invites, I've even shroomed with a hippyfan, but this is by far my wildest and wackiest promotion yet! If this doesn't get me some much needed media attention, then dammit, I don't know what will....?

I know some people's vacation videos are pretty dull, but not this one. Test audiences are all giving it a big thumbs up! I defy you not to laugh! I defy you not to piss your goddamn pants!

Dig it, fuckers! The hippy's back, he's crazeeeee and he needs your love and devotion!

I'm at work, where it's been fucking busy all night. How often do I say that? Seems a little court case in Santa Maria Californ-I-A reached it's rather underwhelming conclusion. As I don't want to be sued by any litigeous pop-stars, I won't say much more than that. I wasn't in the court, so I can't say with any certainty whether the jury reached the right conclusion, but I'm sure we all have our own opinions on that score.

I'm just glad it's over with as I was sick of it anyway.

I've scored an extra night on this run, which means I'm doing four in a row, finishing on Thursday morning. Work-levels haven't been that great for the last couple months, though I'm trying not to worry about it. I'm sure it will pick up soon. It better, as this hippy needs all the disposable income he can get! Drugs don't come cheap you know, but then neither do I!

Anyway, I've got just over 2 hours left tonight, before I can saddle up and head off into the sunrise. There's an adorable little kitten back at my lair, awaiting my return!
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