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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The cunts have done it again. Well, nearly.

Four bombs, three tube lines, one bus....sound familiar?

Welcome to attack on London transport, the sequel!

This time it was more of a damp squib than absolute carnage, but the overall effect is the same. We’re all scared! I don’t know about you, but I’m in no rush to take a ride on a tube train into central London.

The devices, either didn’t fully detonate or were only meant to cause panic. My guess is there was a malfunction, assuming all the bombs were manufactured by the same person. The same mistake on all of them, meant only the detonator went off.

Unless these four were a diversion, meant to be a smokescreen to cover-up another attack. I saw them arrest a couple of middle-easterny looking guys near Downing Street on TV, so anything at this point, is possible.

A fortnight ago, it was much different, with those bombs causing maximum destruction, devastation and loss of life. Today’s fireworks had the potential to do the same, but didn’t.

Have you seen a map of today’s attacks. Again, like 2 weeks ago, the bombs went off in all four directions of the compass, north, south, east and west. In the shape of a cross. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

Also like 2 weeks ago, it was the same number of tube trains and buses. Copycat? The same group? Something fishier? Who knows?

Luckily, I’m home, as is Mrs. Hippy. I phoned my younger brother, he was thankfully home too, though was just preparing to head out to ONE OF THE AFFECTED STATIONS when he heard the news, just prior to my call. Had he been 45 mins to an hour earlier, he might have been caught up in it or worse.

Thankfully as well, I’m not working tonight as I expect London to be a gridlocked, snarled up mess for anyone foolish enough to need to travel. I’m staying home, just in case I need to put my head between my legs and kiss my ass goodbye.

I’m working on Friday night though. Actually, from Friday, I’m working 8 out of 10 nights. Yippppeee for the hippy and his near-suicidal work schedule! The work is piss easy, but the hours are long. The money’s decent, so its more than worth it.

No iBook yet! Bummer, man. The tracking system has been slow to update and the latest I know is that it allegedly left Eindhoven last night. Usually, it makes City Airport in East London, the next day, but so far no sign of it. It would be nice if it came tomorrow, but with all this nonsense going on in London, I’m not going to hold my breath!

I know receiving my high end electronic consumer goods is not the most important thing in the world, especially not today, but it still doesn’t make me want it any less. I wish my dinky little laptop was here so I could surf from the sofa, while watching tv.

I’m a media junky and I’ve yet to discover how to overdose. I can’t get enough information, it really is like a drug to me and I need a constant fix! Is it any wonder I smoke so much god damn dope!

Speaking of dope, a mate at work is trying to score for me. I laid some dosh on him the other night, so hopefully he will come across for me with a “Kylie.”

Don’t know what a “Kylie” is? Its what all the really cool drugheads call an ounce of weed. Why? Kylie Minogue is Australian, Australia is often referred to as “Oz”. “Oz” is an abbreviation of ounce. Dig it! Now you’ve learned something!

How about a “henry”? Henry the eighth, as in an eighth of an ounce of weed. A double henry is a quarter ounce, 1/2 a Kylie is a half ounce, now you’re really digging it!

I really only buy Kylies, as you usually save a bit when you score this much. Plus the way I smoke the shit, I need to have that much around just to keep up!

I’m hoping my work-mate comes through, as I don’t have many other options at this point! Unless you’re in London and you can help! Are you? Can you? Please get in touch otherwise this hippy will be scoring on the street and we can’t have that. Can we?

On a day like today, I hope you all have some nice weed to puff on, or at least some valium. Living in London is becoming even more stressful. Who would have thought that was possible.
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